Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wunder Unders!

A rather nice perk of being a yoga industry professional (still sounds weird, I am in the yoga profession!) is being part of the Lululemon research and development team. That doesn't sound very perky but the 15% discount is. All I have to do is submit three reviews a year on products I buy at Lulu. 

I decided to get the ball rolling and give myself a Christmas treat of a lovely pair of Astro Wunder Unders to teach in. I can hear my yoga friends screaming "you don't need any more yoga clothes!" I know, I know but this stuff is all tax deductible now right & discounted. I also need to be comfortable when I teach, look tidy and well presented. Big emphasis at training on this. I hear Michon saying "would you teach in that?" whilst staring at a scabby t-shirt or ratty singlet. Some of my capris I took to training are a little tatty now, they've been round the block a bit as they weren't new before training. Excuses, excuses, I always have to justify things. Sod it, have money will spend it on new work clothes!!! 

I took them for a test drive this morning, teamed with one of the new bandeau LaLa land tops I bought in LA. (I bought the all black pair so they will team with any top) Owww they were awesome, great fit, I wasn't pulling them up or adjusting them. I could get on with teaching without worrying I was flashing my students. The dipped waist band is really flattering too and doesn't sit too high. The material is light and very breathable. Wunderfull!!

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