Friday, December 30, 2011

Team Perth reunited!

Team Perth aka as me, Kana & Jas who all attended BYTT this past fall had a mini reunion style. Jas & I headed to the North Perth studio to take Kana's class. I've not been to that studio so it was nice to get out my comfort zone and take my friends class. The studio is in an old church hall style building, loads of features and a cute wooden veranda we all waited patiently on till the doors open. They are keen in NP, I got there stupid early at 8:45am and people were already there. By the time the doors opened at 9am there was quite the line up. I had a lovely welcome from the studio director and made my way through the masses to find a spot in the room. Having no attachment issues at this studio it was great to just plonk my mat down in the first available spot I came across. Jas came in later and went in front of me. So nice to share my practice with the girls.

I had a great class and really pushed myself hard. My hydration has been horrible this past week. Christmas merriment got the better of me. It's been super hot here in Perth so I should have drunk a lot more hydrating liquids. Hence I was feeling a little dead by the end of class and had major beetroot red face. It was a steamy 39 degrees outside on the street so took a pew under the air con in reception to cool off before hitting the road. 

We are so blessed to have such a strong Bikram community in Perth. I'm so happy I got to share my training experience with Jas & Kana. Even better our friendship has carried on growing now we are back home. We are all so supportive & encouraging of each other, it's awesome to be a part of. It's great to hear other fellow Fall 11 graduates, especially Team New York and Team Vancouver are all supporting each other by taking each others classes and practicing together when they can. Yoga love!

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