Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! Here we are January 3rd 2012, a new year has begun. Thinking back to what was going on this time last year is pretty much the same as today. I'm back at my day job, it is very quiet, I'm planning my week & drinking tea. 

2011 was a great year for me. It was busy, very busy but full of excitement and challenges. New friends were made, dear old friends were visited, I traveled to three continents clocking up a lot of air miles. I saw my family!! I spent a LOT of money, investments for sure, no regrets. I had my struggles but over came them. I believe I have come out the other side a stronger and more focused person. Prioritizing what is important right now & what can wait is a new skill I'm developing. Having the ability to say no, instead of spreading myself too thin just to please others because I think I have to is another thing I'm working on. 

Obviously one of the best things about 2011 was becoming a certified Bikram Yoga instructor. I'm still in the honeymoon stage but every time I teach it keeps getting better and better. It doesn't feel like a job. Probably because I have my full time job for security it takes the pressure off teaching. I can teach for fun because I enjoy it. I have the luxury of not worrying how many classes I teach a week to make ends meet. The bills are covered. Lucky me but it's never all sunshine & rainbows or where's the challenge. 

It is hard work. Our house is a mess, seriously thinking of getting a cleaner. My personal practice has been sacrificed in order to fit everything in. A knock of effect of this is my waist line has expanded because I've not reduced my food intake to fit. I'm still eating like I'm practicing 6 days a week & things are not as toned as they were six weeks ago. I'd love to teach more but it's just not possible right now, I'm not ready put all my eggs in one basket. Some weeks I can go days without teaching & I'm itching to get back on the podium asap. At least I'm fresh & raring to go when I do. It will be very easy to burn out if I'm not careful. Therefore I need to stick to my guns and prioritize! I wouldn't change my life right now for anything, I am extremely happy & grateful to be living here in the moment. Here's to 2012 a year for good health, travel, friendship & fun!

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