Thursday, January 19, 2012

Good bye teeth

Hello readers! I thought I'd better drop by say hi, see how you're all doing. Well I hope. I have a long, long list of future blog posts to get started on but yet again I have run myself too thin. Time has slipped away & so has the past two weeks. I'm happy to report I am in good spirits and health, slightly tired as usual & in desperate need to get back on my yoga mat more often.

This will not be happening for at least the next five days. Tomorrow is the day my wisdom teeth will finally be extracted. Fifteen years of pain & torture gone. To be replaced with who knows how many days of pain & swelling. I'm informed I'll have some good meds to keep the best of it away. Hence no yoga practice. Painkillers and antibiotics do not go well with the hot room. No teaching either till next Thursday (I'm teaching tonight though!) as I'm doubting my mouth will actually be working properly due to swelling. I've read the horror stories, talked to friends who've had this done too. No expectations. I'll just wake up after surgery wadding in place & what will be will be. Take it from there....

On a brighter note, I have all next week off work to recover so hopefully I'll catch up on all these posts I've been waiting to write!! Head might be swollen but hands will be ready for some typing.


  1. Thanks Mark, it went very well but I am rather swollen & bruised. Apart from that not very painful. All good!