Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Back on the mat

Over Christmas both studio's were running a reduced schedule of classes. Unfortunately for me this meant the classes I usually practice or teach were cancelled. When I first started teaching I was managing to fit in my own personal practice, three or four a week. A reduction for sure compared to what I was doing before training. This is manageable with everything else going on in life. 

From past experience I don't want to burn out. I could pull a 18 hour day, teach the 5:45am, work all day, then practice the 7pm. Leaving me exhausted and not having enough energy to any of these things to my best ability. 

Throughout the festive period it was super hard to squeeze in two practice's a week. This was too little. I really felt it. Sometimes you don't realise how much you need something till it's gone. For me not getting to yoga left me cranky, snappy, tired and uneasy. Sure I was there teaching & getting great pleasure from assisting others through their practice but it's not the same as working yourself out. 

When I finally got back on my mat after a massive five days off (it's been well over year since this happened) it felt awesome. My balance was off, I fell out of Awkward twice, but somehow nearly got my head on my knee. Maybe a rest was what I actually needed to freshen things up? It reminded me just how much I need this yoga in my life and how grateful I am to bring it into other people's lives. I felt energised, happy, more at peace with myself and clean. I need to do yoga!!

Obviously this week I can't practice because of the post surgery medications. Pain killers and all that sweating put an extra strain on your liver (so a nurse/teacher friend told me). Also they mask any pain you might have in a posture which may result in you pushing further, not feeling the 'stop' pain, carrying on & hurting yourself. Antibiotics mess things up too, the side effects I've been feeling is extreme exhaustion that comes on without warning. I'm not that happy about filling myself with such poisons but I don't want an infection so am following doctors orders. I'll finish the course as directed then get back on my mat to cleanse from within. 

I'm itching to get back to yoga but my health comes first. As Bikram would say "Take it easy honey." Oh okay then, just for this week!

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