Friday, February 10, 2012

It's a Moon Week

Time has flown! It's been over two weeks since my last post. Not that I don't have anything to write about, I do, lot's, so much has been going on in my world. Mainly yoga based of course.

I am flat out again. Day job has been insanely busy, busy, busy. All good but very little down time. I've been pulling ten hour days to make ends meet, even sacrificed practicing the new 5:45am Wednesday class at BYJ so I could be at my desk bright & early at 7am. 

It's a Moon Week. Full Moon was on Tuesday. I don't really follow moon cycles, it's more of an Ashtanga thing. However, I feel I can pin point some of my scattered-ness, crazy busy-ness, general feeling out of sorts on the Moon this week. It's not just me who's had a bonkers week, others close to me have had their tribulations.

Teaching is going well. I have a whole new post lined up to cover the past two weeks adventure's in the room, it's been an interesting few weeks. I'm back on the mat practicing more consistently. No massive breaks in between classes. (oh I know four days is hardly massive but for me it is!) Quite spectacularly I fell on my arse in Eagle in Monday mornings class. Hilarious. My instructor buddy was right next to me & I bet she she was dying to join me in laughing out loud. In all fairness I was trying to sit down deeper and work on my alignment when BAM my foot slipped straight out, threw me off balance, I toppled backwards, as of course all my body weight was back on my heel ;-) & landed flat on my butt. I picked myself up & carried as you do.

I had set myself up for a busy weekend but waking up this morning with a yoga hangover I'm going to reshuffle. There are a few appointments I need to keep but I am planning on taking some me time. Mainly get a good nights sleep & wake up naturally. Rest & revive is in order, and possible a nice crispy glass of white tonight to get the ball rolling.

Have a great weekend everyone & I shall return very soon with something more interesting to write about!!

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