Sunday, February 19, 2012


Usually when it comes to books being made into a film I am disappointed. Let's not talk about Twilight here. I should know better when I read a great novel not to even bother with it's big screen side kick. 

However one of my favourite all time  movies is Breakfast at Tiffany's. I'm a huge Audrey Hepburn fan, proud owner of the Couture Muse Collection & a tidy stash of other memorabilia. Awesome, beautiful actress, sadly left us before her time. I just happen to be quite a Tiffany's fanatic too. I even wrote a paper on Tiffany's for the Luxury Brand Management unit of my Masters degree. Every major city I have visited on my travels which has a store I've called by, just to look. Obsessed...yes. (I have been gifted with one Tiffany's piece which I totally love & cherish, an Elsa Peratti Elongated teardrop bangle)

Surprisingly I haven't read the actual Truman Capote novel. I saw it by chance with the amazing Penguin books old style cover. Such a design classic I just had to have it! I wasn't disappointed. The story is only 138 pages long which is probably why the film can stay so true. Obviously there is a few added scenes and Holly is a lot younger in the book. Still a most enjoyable read, especially for fans of the film. Highly recommended!

Penguin classic

The magical blue box & white ribbon

My gift back in 2009

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