Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cold water that actually stays cold!

I must have been living under a rock to not have discovered the brilliant, superb, amazing thing that is a Hydro Flask! Thinking about it, now I am familiar with its branding, there were a LOT of these babies at TT. No blooming wonder, this is the only water bottle that keeps water cold in the hot room. 

Not being a fan of plastic BPA leachy bottles I've being trying to find a good metal bottle for a while. I ended up binning a LuLu metal bottle at TT as the paint chipped off & it actually went mouldy round the screw thread. The best I had before my recent discovery was a nice Cheeki bottle with a wet suit like cover. Still this sweated and didn't keep my water cold long enough.

Hydro Flask first appeared a month ago at the Scarborough studio. As an owner of so many metal bottles I over looked it, I did not need another water bottle. It wasn't until the Joondalup studio had a spanking new display of lots of colours and sizes I took notice. I know how material, superficial etc. etc. of me. Bit like a magpie attracted to shiny things I am. The pretty colours sucked me & made me pay attention. So I got myself one, a lychee red one with a sports cap, Jo even made me a name tag to stick on it. All mine, no looking back.

And I never looked back. My water was still icy after a full three hours out the fridge. After class I guzzled down the chilly liquid goodness. I used it to teach with & nearly drank the whole 700ml as the cool refreshment soothed my vocal cords. Only down side is trying not to drink it all for practice. When my water was warm it was easier, on the rare occasions I did drink, to only take a sip in class. Now it's hard not to chug more often. It tastes great but as we know it plays havoc on the guts practicing with water gushing around. 

Wish I'd discovered this bad boy sooner. It truly is the best water bottle ever. Does not sweat on the outside, neither hot or cold to touch but what ever is inside stays the same temperature it went in for hours. Get one, you won't be sorry. 


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