Monday, January 23, 2012


Life is challenging if not it would be boring. I had a few curve balls land in my lap the past few weeks. Most were car related.

I need my car, no joke. Without it I wouldn't be able to work. Public transport and taxis do not exist where I live. The nearest train is half an hour's drive away and there aren't any buses. There for I should be more careful when driving. Just after Christmas I was pulled over by the police and told my rear window tint needed replacing as it had cracked and dangerous to see out of. $200 later and a very nice Geezer at Tint-a-Car that changed it on the spot, that job was done. 

Then I ran over a dead kangaroo one early morning on my way to teach class. It was 5am, slightly light, on a notorious road for having roo's on. Counting my blessings it was dead already, hitting a live roo can be horrific on all counts. Most people get out and remove a roo from the road after they hit it but this had been left. I swerved to miss it, also dangerous thing to do considering the windy road lined with gravel, but there wasn't enough room & my right side went right over it. All blown up with gas it wasn't a smooth ride. Anyway, skip to the end. It tore my oil sub off. Having no clue about cars and oil etc. I carried on driving. For 15km, with no oil. Taught my class, then drove 500 metres down the road to the garage. 

WHAT!!! I hear you car savvy people cry. Some how the car went, it turned on and still moved. The mechanic was shocked. Shaking his head and telling me he'd call later. Seriously I should have had a new engine. $4k. It cost me $300. Someone was looking after me somewhere. Driving a car without oil is like a body without blood. It don't work!! I thanked my lucky stars, guardian angels, God, Buddha, Shiva, anyone out there that might have had a hand in this. I actually hugged my car. 

Lesson learned. I joined the RAC break down service as soon as I got to work. Now, if the slightest thing happens, I will stop & ring them. Get towed, anything just don't drive with no oil. I had my fully car serviced & treated him to a car wash. I drove like a Nana before, now I'll be very, very careful, more careful, more alert.


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