Monday, January 23, 2012


All went well on Friday with my wisdom teeth extraction. Naturally I was nervous which was covered up by me being OTT cheerful & smiley. I joked with the hospital staff I was smiling a lot before the surgery as I won't be after. 

The worst bit, which was my own fault for dwelling on it, was the anesthetic needle. I've never had a anesthetic, let alone had a needle in my hand. It wasn't that painful, just uncomfortable. I was out like a light & back awake like 30 seconds had passed. I was fully prepared for what to expect on waking. Mouth full of wadding, oxygen mask, ice packs and no feeling in my mouth. My bottom lip felt like it was massive & I couldn't feel my chin. This lasted for about 12 hours!! Drinking was quite the challenge, I felt the water would just slosh straight back out.

Due to an impaction my lower teeth had to be cut out and stitched. My face pretty much swelled up straight away and bruised. No pain though as I was still numb. I was discharged three hours later, feeling fine, no side affects apart from the hamster cheeks. My friend drove me home via the chemist and Woolworths to stock up on meds & ice cream. Chewing wasn't going to happen for a while.

Now here I am, signed off work for the week. I forced myself to rest all day Saturday missing the Yoga staff Christmas party. I couldn't eat or hardly speak so there wasn't much point in going. I dragged myself to a staff meeting at Scarborough on Sunday. I felt fine, not in pain but was so drained after the drive & meeting I got home & fell into bed for the rest of the afternoon. Combination of lack of food & medication making me drowsy. Rest, rest, rest & relaxation. This does not happen to me, ever, so I must embrace it & enjoy!

Here's a photo of my swelled up bruise, 48 hours after surgery....


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  1. OUCH!! Just keep thinking of how much better you will be in just a few days!