Monday, January 23, 2012

Bikram in Australia

Australia was very excited to welcome Bikram Choudhury himself to the East coast earlier this month. He was over on the Gold Coast to present an advanced seminar and re-certification. This is a big deal for us down under. There are a lot of instructors here and many, many studios over the East side. For instructors to re-certify on our own shore cuts back a lot of added expense and travel.

Number one though it gave people here in Australia a chance to touch base with the Boss first hand. The seminar was open to everyone, not just instructors, and a few of our students and staff flew over for the occasion. No one was disappointed. It was reported Bikram was on good form and was well received. The whole event was well organised and ran smoothly.

I only briefly saw one of the students who went. She was actually in the middle of demoing an advanced move to a fellow student! Very excited about the trip & really liked Bikram. It's so great for people to see him as him, without the show boating that goes on at TT. One day, when the opportunity arises, I'll definitely go and re connect with him outside of teaching training.

Here's one of the nuggets of wisdom from the seminar:

"Life is like a buffet, you have to help YOURSELF" Bikram Choudhury

Teacher can only guide, push, encourage and inspire you...but you have to do it yourself. NO ONE else can help you. Move your fat lazy arse!!!

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