Friday, December 30, 2011

Thank you!

Season's greetings everyone. Hope you are all enjoying a relaxing time with your loved one's & taking a little time for yourselves. (and of course fitting in some yoga!)

The Christmas Day charity yoga class at BYJ was a HUGE success. 29 students and 6 instructors made the morning fun & memorable, raising $550 for Youth Focus. Team Reindeer; Myself, Jo, Jules, Kana & Karen lead the class in round robin style teaching every fifth posture whilst mellow music played in the background. We kept our antlers on the whole class!

I somehow managed to get the 'killer' postures to teach, Awkward, Triangle, Locust and Camel. Everyone certainly burnt off enough calories for the day during Triangle. It was so much fun and certainly challenging. Leaping up to teach a posture whilst being a little out of breath from practicing the one before, no mic and music adding an extra distraction. The room was steamy, the energy was high and all for a great cause.

Most people hung around after for snacks and a chat. It was great to see students from the other studios drop by to support us too. Thank you to everyone who came and showed their support. Then it was home to the air conditioning for ham, prawns and salad!

Team Reindeer

Me teaching Triangle

Fantastic Camels!

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