Friday, December 16, 2011

Kat Eden Transformation Seminar

Happy Friday everyone, one week till Christmas. Are we excited yet? I am, means I get to teach yoga, do some personal practice & finally put my feet up at home and relax, completely relax! With New Year coming up so do the usual resolutions, "I'm gonna quit sugar, eat more healthy, loose 4kg etc, etc." I don't usually do resolutions but this year I might. I'm going to start with my diet. It needs cleaning up in order to get maximum proficiency out of my body. Most people focus too much on losing weight, I'm focusing on maximum output of energy & nourishing my body from the inside out. I let my diet slid at training turning into a sugar whore and eating far too many refined carbs. I didn't put on any weight mind you, I stayed the same but toned up a little here & there but my muscles would have performed so much better without being drowned in sugar.

I have mentioned lifestyle, fitness and nutrition coach Kat Eden in my past blogs. Kat visited BYJ last year to present a 'Food For Yoga' seminar. It was so well received she came back again this year to do a transformation seminar. Kat writes two blogs; Woman Incredible & Body Incredible - both dedicated to all thing health, nutrition and fitness. She is a personal trainer and also practices Bikram even competing in championships. 

The seminar was very interesting. It went over some of the things we heard last year which means Kat's theories work. Last years way of thinking is still this years. Kat practices what she preaches and looks amazing, even after having a baby. (she is the same age/height as me so I can't use that as an excuse, just more inspiration material to make this work for me) It reminded me what I need to be doing right now. I've practiced the protein before yoga method all year. Again letting this slip at training by slathering my protein rich nut butter on toast. Maybe this was why I was constantly lacking in energy & couldn't keep my eyes open, haha maybe 3% of the reason. 

It's all about the protein baby! First meal of the day ditch those cereals & grains & chow down on steak n eggs. That is what I've been doing for the past 6 days. Well, good quality butcher's gluten free sausages for three of the days and my home produced eggs, steak the other three. I even cooked up an egg at 4:15am before teaching on Tuesday. So far so good. I'm fuller for longer and feel more alert. No 3pm energy sugar cravings. Again, the power of the mind may be playing a part but that's fine by me as long as I'm not reaching for the chips & chocolate.

To read more about Kat's 10 quick Transformation tips click right here.

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