Friday, December 23, 2011


Happy Christmas Eve Eve everybody! Yes I am still at work, last minute bits and pieces to wrap up (hahaha!) before we are out of here till January 3. 

I came across this the other day....

It got me thinking. I am a dweller, I hold onto things which I shouldn't. Letting go is hard sometimes, especially when I truly think I can fix something that went wrong. This is often not possible, it is out of my control. 

A recent situation has been bugging me. I was left hurt and offended by it. Hands up I probably dished back some of this in return, defensive reaction, you hurt me so I'm gonna stab you right on back. Not very mature I know. But I reached out my olive branch, I opened my heart but that person just wasn't ready. Deep down I know I should just walk away and do the above. Now I will. I know I'm just trying to be a good person but really in this particular case I must accept there is nothing to do but forgive & move on. My life will not be enriched by trying to push myself on someone who doesn't want me. Waste of energy and resources I can be using on someone who cares. 

So I've had a clear out, physically & mentally. Cancel, clear, erase but not forgotten. I've filed this away in the acceptance box of my memories. Time to move into 2012 with a clear mind and happy thoughts for the year ahead.

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  1. Know what you mean... I hang on to everything... to my detriment, I'm sure. Rarely able to let go of any of it... Hope the Christmas Day class went well!!