Sunday, July 17, 2011

Up on stage again

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to get on the podium again this week. I had the heads up this time so I could prepare and learn the left hand side. For those who don't know, for training we only present one side and one set of each posture. Most postures are the same for both sides but there are a few that have separate dialogue for the left.

This week I presented the whole of the Half Moon series to the 6pm Monday class. It was great that there were a few students who were in my Awkward class in again that night. 

The strangest thing that I feel I did was change my practice outfit. For the evenings that are usually hot and steamy, just the way they should be, I always wear shorts. For some reason as I knew I'd be up on the podium I wore my lightest pair of capris. I just felt I would feel more professional in capris & I'm still paranoid about my legs. I know, I know the student's should not be looking at me but boy they do. I can't believe how many people made eye contact with me. Even after the instruction to them said "concentrate one point in the mirror."

It went well, I'm comfortable with these three postures. I was still nervous. I could feel my thighs shaking! I totally mixed up my lefts and rights on the left side but kept going. My other issue was I was all but yelling at the end. I bet they were locking their knees down in Perth City the way I was screaming that bit out. The more I got into it, the louder I got. I need to learn to tone it down and pay more attention to my breath. I'm speaking a lot from the throat and not from my stomach. I'll end up with a ripper sore throat if I don't learn to do this. It'll also make the projection easier without the need to yell. 

Most of my 'out loud' practice is done in the car where I'm sitting down. I need to get more standing up out loud practice in. I've looked into some speech therapy classes and courses. Another expense I could do without right now but essential again. Just like the first aid course I've booked. We are supposed to get this in with training but the spring TT's said it didn't happen so I'm just doing it myself.

Yesterday's posture clinic went well. We had to present out in reception whilst a class was on. This helped me bring my volume down but this is where Jo picked up I wasn't breathing correctly. My throat was tight and sore as I tried to speak in hushed tones. Got to think pranayama. We're constantly telling the students to breath, us instructors need to remember to breath too and learn how to do it correctly.


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