Saturday, July 2, 2011

Week One done!

I've been getting a bit slack with writing recently & I have a lot to write about too. It's been all go this week, cramming dialogue in and starting the 60 day challenge. I finished day six today, aka week one, eight more to go. Will this be what TT is like counting down the days/weeks. I'm sure we will be. My official one day off tomorrow!!

The highlight of this week was I got to teach the whole of Utkatasana/Awkward pose to a real live class of 20 students on Wednesday night. I had no idea this would happen which might have been a good thing. Jo was teaching so that is how it was made possible. I'd heard this sometimes happens to trainees but as we passed over the half moon series I thought I was safe. Ah ha, no I was invited up there to do the second set of Awkward. No hesitation I jumped right on up and gave it my best shot.

It was weird having so many people there in front of me and actually looking at me. Hey you should be looking in the mirror! I was nervous, I may well have forgotten to breath myself but I did it. I was aware I was twisting my fingers over each other as I was speaking, nervous habit.  I got them through, in and out, up and down. I did stumble on part two, I could see people shaking, falling out and staring at me with evil looks. Those who aren't familiar with part 2, it's a killer, your balancing on your toes like a ballerina, whilst sitting on a chair which isn't there. I personally struggle with this too, it kills my knees and thighs but it will make me stronger and hopefully develop killer abs and shapely legs. 

Awkward pose part 2
I wasn't as flowing in my delivery as I was in practice which I did get down on myself for. It's hard when you know you know it and have practiced it verbatim but then fluff it up when it's time to perform. Jo told me I did great and even got some nice feedback from the students. One asked if I'd had military training as I sounded like a Sergeant Major! I may  be developing a reputation for being a hard ass already.

It was such a rush though to be up there and doing dialogue to real students. Very exciting. When I got back down to carry on practicing I was smiling a lot which was followed by total jelly legs in Standing Head to Knee. 

A good week all round. I even made it to two evening classes which were steamy and drippy. Friday night's class was hot, hot, hot just what I needed but I was too near the cold air vent & I kept getting blasted. I know we all love a bit of cool air but I am really trying hard to get away from being attached to this luxury as there won't be any air con in LA. It will be hotter, humid, sticky, probably stinky mat melting heat.

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