Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Half Way - Day 30

I realised yesterday I'd hot the half way point in the 60 day challenge. I know I'm not really counting the days but it felt good to be at this point. I just need to do the same again. After a rocky week last week with loads of conflicting advice and thoughts flying round my head I've chilled out a bit. My mind is still very much on LA and preparing myself the best I can.

Had some great advice off a senior instructor last night not to kill myself in the first few weeks of training. Go at half pace. Don't be lazy but back off. If I fly in there all guns blazing and pushing hard I'll either A) get injured or B) end up in emergency care C) not make it to the end of the 9 weeks.

There's been discussion on the TT FB group page about  being rock stars at Training and doing every single posture in every single class. Good on those people for their positive determination and enthusiasm. Realistically after my rough UK classes where I was out my comfort zone, jet lag, nutrition all out of wack and dehydrated, I can safely say I won't be a rock staring it. Well at least not for the first weeks till I'm settled into  the journey. 

I will set no expectations now, if I rock, I rock, if I end up on my knees slowly melting into my mat so be it. I'll try to keep to my no drinking as I know it will make me sick in class but again if needs be I'll drink. I am not gonna set myself any crazy goals just that I will make it through the whole 9 weeks. Some way or other I will. I'll keep my head down, get on with it and let it happen.


  1. Hey, Kat! I've been told exactly the same thing by my teacher friends about taking it easy the first few weeks,and although I did say I will be doing every posture and every class, I didn't say I wi
    L be Rocking all of them!! Ive been practicing for almost 7 years and I know when to "back off" in a posture if I'm having a difficult time without taking a knee or sitting out. And that is is my goal in training. But im not ruling anything out because Tt is a whole different entity. So I am totally with you as far as being smart and pacing myself:) I am sure there will be a few Rock Stars there and I commend and support them all the way, but otherwise, I'm with you sista!!

  2. Thanks Katty, I knew you'd be on the right wave length. I just freaked out by the a few of those posts about rocking it out. Love their spirit & good luck to them! I'll enjoy watching them when I'm buckled up on the floor hahaha!

  3. Look I joined your blog following thing - are complete non yoga freaks allowed? And does good ol' Bikram actually make you do yoga till 4am or am I muddled? Love you!xxxxxx

  4. Yay Welcome to yoga-dork-ville!! You are more than welcome to join as long as u leave me lots of comments. We don't do yoga till 4am, last class finishes about 7:30pm but the lectures/Bollywood movie watching as been known to go till 4am. Then back up for class sign in about 7:30am! love you lots xxxx

    p.s get Paul to find Spirited online, he'll love it!