Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Move over Edward & Bella

It's not often I throw in a non yoga related post. Most posts here, nearly all have some link back to Bikram. I decided to show you all that I do have a life outside the hot room and other interests. I like super natural TV shows, True Blood, GHI, Being Human, Doctor Who to name a few. Movies not so much as they scare me, not good for the night terrors. I'm not very good at following TV series coz of my hectic schedule, I get sad if I get into something then miss a few episodes and loose the plot.

This month I am making a commitment. I will watch every Wednesday night the awesome season two of 'Spirited.' I dipped in and out of season one, for the above reasons. I had to do a major catch up & watch the whole season again online. I'm even thinking of upgrading my set top box to IQ so I can record such shows for when I get some quiet time.

Spirited is an Australian show exclusive to 'W' and a Foxtel original. The story is based around newly separated dentist and 'social retard' (not my phrase this what the official website calls her) Suzy Darling played by the amazing Claudia Karvan. She is haunted by the ghost of fictional 80's punk rock legend Henry Mallet, played by Brit comedian Matt King. King is awesome in the role as he seems to always play some sort of dry, self absorbed crack head. He has this 'look' he gives to Suzy on occasions that can melt the heart of any ice maiden. Not your typical pretty boy pin up (boys the wrong word, man, as he's 43!) but he may go on the top of my 'weird crushes' list for now!

Suzy and Henry are the new Edward and Bella to me. Move over angst teenages and their vampire beau's. Suzy & Henry's passion is electric. Totally bonkers too as they can't actually touch each other coz he's a ghost. It's a great show, full of drama, hilarious one liners, great characters and an F bomb every five seconds from Henry.

If you have Foxtel see it on W2 7:30pm tonight!!!

Another favourite of mine is the BBC drama Being Human. A ghost, a vampire and a werewolf share a house in Bristol and try to live as humans. Super cast and another hotty in the form of Aidan Turner - Irish Vampire Mitchell. I've not seen Season 3 yet, went to buy the DVD last week and was sold out.

Spirited, 7:30pm Wednesday W channel

Being Human UK

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