Sunday, July 31, 2011

Yoga Stoned

Reaching the half way point of the challenge has been awesome. With the crazy emotional week behind me and some positive light shining my way I had an awesome run of great classes this past week. 

We waved goodbye to instructor Adam last Sunday. His class was hilarious. He was thinking of introducing one of those cattle prod zappers to class so he could zap people who don't turn their toes back in sit up. He even asked me how his dialogue was as he walked by me in Triangle on his way back from the air con switch. Funny, I couldn't comment as he'd just gone past the paragraph's I knew. 

I finished that class totally yoga stoned. That glorious feeling of pure bliss you get when you've worked hard and have totally in the zone. Your mind doesn't work at all and this is the time I usually forget things, usually my stuff at the studio. 

Monday I was stoned again. Had a great evening class at 6pm. I matted down in the hot area. Front row, left, by the podium, right under the hot air vent. I was blasted with super hot air for the most part of the standing series. The class was busy, lots of newbies and I delivered a pretty good set of Awkward. No evil stares this time or maybe there were but I didn't notice. I didn't rush, I didn't yell, it felt great. 

People were dropping like flies in the class. The energy was scattered and the newbies struggled and faffed which is totally understandable. If that class was my first I would have been laying out too. Strong students were down. I have no idea what happened to me but I flew through. Usually when the energy is out it gets to me but I must have been in the right place. I came out feeling awesome, stoned again but not even craving water.

I had another flying class on Tuesday. I went to the Scarborough studio so manged to get one more class with Adam in. I'm getting used to practicing at 7pm now. I get home really late but it's nice as I don't have to rush from work and take my time. Stoned again three days in a row. 

It all caught up on me on Wednesday. It felt like I had a hangover. Probably a little dehydration as getting home at 9:30pm didn't give me much time to drink lots of water. A week of evening/afternoon practice got me out of a rut. I hate not being home at night but from my practice point of view it's much better for me. 

I'm on an unofficial avoidance plan too. I won't go into it too much but I've decided to distance myself from certain negative energies that have been confusing and conflicting. It's been two weeks now since I encountered some and not been in contact with the source since. I didn't start out trying to dodge, it just happened and I'm happier for it. 

Positive thoughts, good times and staying true to myself is the mantra for the next few weeks.  

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  1. awesome to hear man! i think part of taking care of yourself is seeing the unneeded BS and choosing to not involve yourself with it. its good TT practice anyhow as ive heard there can be loads of drama and negativity but that its best to not be a part of that aspect of TT. strong week makes for a strong post. well done my friend.