Sunday, July 17, 2011

Closing the circle

Everything is speeding up now. It's now only nine weeks till I'll be in LA for TT. Fully installed in the LAX Radisson, getting ready to meet my roomie, meeting everyone else in the possible 400+ people with whom I'll be training with. 

I was very honored last Saturday to be invited to freshly graduated instructor Hannah's first class back at her home studio. There were five of us in attendance. Two instructors, two trainee's and a future possible trainee. It was so exciting to be part of the this class. I've heard after you finish training you have to try and teach a class to complete the circle. 

I had a great class, it was what I could describe as a floaty class. I just drifted from posture to posture, listened to the instruction and was totally in the zone. Once we got past SH2K I chilled out more as I stopped trying to 'say the dialogue' in my head. Hannah's voice and presentation is very encouraging but without being mean or too loud (like my own!!!). It was relaxing to just be there and go with it. Class finished bang on 92 minutes. It seemed the fly by. When we got to Rabbit I was like, 'wow that went fast' but without thinking we hadn't held the postures long enough. I certainly had worked hard.

It was funny at 'party time' as no one took a drink. We just all stood there, waiting to move on. I'm so impress with my training buddy Jas who doesn't even take a bottle in the room. I always have one there but very rarely touch it till after class.

It's awesome to think this will be us in five months time, closing our circle and carrying on our journey as real life instructors. 

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