Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I suddenly realised today something weird was going on. I couldn't decide what to get for lunch. I usually pack my lunch everyday to save money, time etc. Last night as I had my dinner cooked for me I thought I thought it polite to leave the leftovers for the chef. This is what I do when I cook, I get first dibs of the leftovers. 

Buying lunch is such a treat, such a variety of foods out there in the city for my consumption. I mostly end up eating Sumo Salad as they have a great variety and do a rewards scheme. Free salad when you've bought ten. Today I did not know what I wanted. I craved nothing. I fancied nothing. I wondered into and out of a few places. Sushi I love but it's not loving me at the moment. I was at a loss. 

It's weird I love food. It's been the one of the main topics of conversation between my future TT roomie and I for a while. It's fantastic I'm rooming with a fellow foodie not some finicky eater who can live off fresh air and water. I like to eat, cut the drama out of it. 

When on a challenge and what I've heard from past trainee's at training you should eat what you crave as it means your lacking in something that you need. I know some people might use this as an opportunity to stuff their face with crap. I am guilty in the past of doing this. "I'm on a challenge, let me eat crap, I am craving it" or maybe I just want it. There is a line I feel, which some pesky marshmallows jumped over this arvo. It's just strange this challenge has effected my appetite all of a sudden. I'm hungry for sure but don't know what I would like to eat.....


  1. oh man, i had a super hard class yesterday, nauseous the whole lot. so after class i went to the store and got watermelon, strawberries, blueberries some limes and yogurt. it was THE best.

  2. Strawberries are my food of the week, with natural Greek yoghurt and muesli. Also orange juice is playing a major role. Hmm sugar, carbs and a bit of crunch.