Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 22 - Away with the fairies

I had a super magnesium filled dinner of broccoli and spinach last night after reading Kat Eden's 'Food for Yoga' blog. I don't generally get cramps as I'm very aware of keeping up my electrolytes but anything extra is a bonus. 

5:45am with Liz today. There was a very considerate yogini today in class. She was a couple of seconds late and we'd started pranayama so she went straight for the big empty spot in the middle. Right in front of me. Yay at last a blocked, blocked view. My first plan being inline with the podium was that Liz would be blocking my view now I had a whole person who won't be moving. Challenge!! Alas the nice yogini realised her mistake and so kindly stepped to the side of her mat so I could see. Thank you, that is good etiquette. So funny I actually wanted to be blocked but in general people don't so please be aware when you mat down of those around you. Then after pranayama she scooted her mat over a few centimetres so I could see properly.

My mind was not in the room this morning. I don't know where it was, I can't remember what I was actually thinking. Maybe I was just very zoned out. I was right on the back row in the centre and I've noticed I get distracted back there as I can see what's going on in the rest of the room. When I'm up front with my nose on the mirror it's easier to focus. Even Liz noticed and commented in general that we weren't in the room, it must have been a group thing. I think if people in front of you drop out early or come down from a posture it's the natural flow to do it too. I know I was anticipating the end of the posture. After 22 days (or 8 months) you kind of know the last few lines of the dialogue and that 'change' will be next. But not always! Some instructors might drop in an extra 'push' or 'go up' so you get the maximum benefits at the end but you need to be switched on.

Nothing major to report today. I think it was one of those classes that 'just happened.' I went through the motions, I did feel stiff so backed off a bit in a few postures. I have a good full day and a half now till tomorrow's class, a bit like a mini break. A few people have taken day's off during the challenge for what ever reason and have felt recharged by it (even though they will have to double up to make up). I'm still pushing through, I have my 'spare' class but I'm not planning on cashing it in. I really want to do 30 consecutive days of Bikram Yoga as personally for me that is the challenge's aim and to receive maximum benefits I want to do it this way. That's my choice, we are all different. If you need a day off take it, do what's right for you, it's your practice you make the rules! 


  1. Kath, I also want to do 30 days consecutively instead of having to double up, I agree that is the challenge's aim. I haven't even started yet and it's already making it hard for my social diary. I plan on only do evening classes as I dont know if I can actually get up and do the morning ones at 6.30, how do you do it? Do you eat beforehand, this is my worry that I wont have enough energy to do it or that I'll feel knackered for the rest of the day!

  2. Hey Monica,
    Morning classes are the best for me. I don't find it hard getting up but it's not pitch black and freezing here like it will be for you. Morning classes actually set me up for the day. Check back for my eating tips for earlies on here. Don't eat a lot just a small bit of protein. You won't feel knackered, the yoga will fill you with on being soenergy!! hehehe, yeah social diary may suffer but you'll make so many new friends during the challenge that you won't miss out as yoga is so social!!