Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 8 - Tuesday 5:45am

You know if you've turned into a yoga geek (or freak?!) when you arrive home to a huge parcel of electrolytes from the States and actually get a bit excited. This was me last night, my iherb order was there. The excitement was due to the fact I'm going to test drive a different brand of powdered electrolytes Ultima Replenisher I found out about these from another blogger, The Dancing J at Lock The Knee. To quote J; "their product basically kept me alive during teacher training" A good enough recommendation for me. It's sugar, caffeine and colourings free, fully vegan and no nasty stuff in there. Will let you know how it goes. 

After a pretty rubbish nights sleep I was back on my mat at 5:45am with the lovely Liz again. A fellow challenger found me standing looking lost in the middle of the yoga room clutching my trusty mat and towel not knowing where to go. "Where to go, where to go??" I should have just mat downed right there and then. Or maybe get someone else to mat down for me? hmmmm...

Nice and toasty in the room today. Eagle is a 100 times easier if you've got plenty of sweat to lube up your twists with. I'm starting to feel the burn now of nine classes. More in my thighs than anywhere. It got me bending down to scoop my heals in hand to feet, ouch. But this is only asana #2 so I'm not even warmed up yet. I did feel it again in floor bow but a good stretching further kinda burn.

I was most pleased with Toe Stand again today and Full Locust. I know we are directed to "look up so your body follows" but I did have a quick check down in the mirror to see if my arms were up and found I had some ribs off the floor too!! Seriously I struggle to even get my chin off the floor in this one so ribs is a big thing. (unless my boobs have shrunk which allowed for more space haha?!!)

Talking of chins my Bikram Stigmata is back. Let me explain, Bikram Stigmata is the term yogi's have named the crusty callouses that appear on certain points of our bodies thanks to this series. Mainly in spots that come in contact with the wet towel. I get it under my chin, nice I know, I have to keep face cream on my desk. This comes and goes but the one's on my feet don't. Right on top in the middle, bright red after class or plain old scabby the rest of the time. No matter how much exfoliating or moisturizing I do they come back. It's now started on the back of my heel too. Some people get it on their knees but I've so far escaped this. Wear them with pride I say.

I have a full 34 hours off now till tomorrow nights class. Think we might have Shawn again. It will probably be rammed full as everyone I've seen (& written on here) I've said "you have to take Shawn's class on Wednesday night it's awesome!!" I'm definitely a 'share the wealth' person, can't keep a good thing hidden right?!

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