Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 6 Sunday 2pm

After a lazy morning I headed out for the 2pm class with Sarah. I went to the opposite side of the room to yesterday and wedged myself up against the side wall for something different. In this spot you have to be careful not to wack your arms against the ballet bars when moving them sideways or coming down for the right hand set of standing separate leg head to knee.

Two of my good friends and fellow challengers were there this arvo to do their first ever double class. I playfully shouted at one who was about to mark down her class on the board before the class. All the instructors I've asked about this say the same, tick off after class, not before. You can't tick off what you've not done. But I know some people like to do it first. (In case they get yoga brain after & forget to mark off?) Some studios I've heard don't let students mark off, the instructors do it if they feel they deserve it. I feel a greater sense of achievement in marking off afterward, a job well done and completed. 

Another good class. I know I must seem annoying but read back to my "3 days to go" post I don't always find it easy! I think I have that switch on in my head that says 'it's challenge time you need to stay strong and look after yourself.' I got called out twice in two different postures for the same correction. Back straight and stretch up, shoulders back. First time in Awkward part two and then in Toe Stand. I know in Awkward I tip forward as I think if I straighten up I will loose my balance. I got called out again in Standing Bow Pulling but that was a quick well done call. I felt strong and my balance was focused, unlike my standing head to knee where I fell out before the final expression.

Just a quick note now on 'yoga drama.' This popped into my head today as the lady in front of me today kept adjusting her towel quite a few times. I understand towels twist up, costumes get annoying and hair falls down etc. but it's another part of the yoga not to get distracted by these things. Let it go, your hair will still be there at the end. You are actually burning up precious energy by adjusting things. In between postures you need to stand still and let your body recover. It is also distracting for people around you, your not working together if someone is waving there arms around re- tying their hair.

After class I caught up with my double ladies. Their experience of a double was different to mine yesterday which was no surprise. I felt suppler and all ready warmed up, they felt tired and not as strong. They actually said they felt fatigued at the end and were ready to hit the floor after the standing serious. This goes to show we are all different. Their morning would have been different to mine, they might not have caught up on hydration, who knows. My next double might kill me but I won't know till it happens. If you have a bad day don't stress, tomorrow will be different, the next posture will be different!! Stick with it challengers it's all part of the fun. Remember it is fun, we love this yoga or why torture ourselves!?!!

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