Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 17 Thursday 5:45am

Yesterdays hot spell was finished off with a nice rain storm which didn't really clear the air. The room this morning wasn't as steamy as last night but everything got slippery quicker than usual in morning classes.

I was feeling 'hungover' from last nights class despite getting two and a half litres of water and many electrolytes down me that evening. It really took a lot more out of me than I first thought. I heard this morning that pesky Yoga Bus hung around for the 6pm and had taken out a few more people. I tucked myself up on the back row, near the pole and the door. I felt like I was hiding. I wasn't getting my best out of practice today. Those last crucial seconds of each posture I was flagging and was anticipating the end. Liz commented to the whole room we needed to stay present and hold out till the very end. My hamstrings were starting to pinch a bit today. This went after a good effort in standing separate leg stretching where my forehead touched the floor comfortably today both sets. My legs are still way, way wide.

Toe stand is becoming my favourite posture of this challenge. Probably as its going so well. I didn't have to drag myself through as much as last night but with the classes being so close together I feel some of the negative energy was still hanging around. I managed both sets of Camel but I had some mad cravings when I came out. This happens to me a lot in this posture. When it's not kicking me down and stamping on me I get some weird sensations, mainly cravings for food or drink. Today it was ice cold Sprite I felt like I wanted. Probably because there's nothing like a cold, fizzy, sugar filled drink to pick you up when your down. By the time I actually get near a shop to fulfill these cravings it has passed and I don't give into it. Most of my cravings are for thing I don't usually have, like sugary drinks. But once I came up from Camel starving and needing a steak.

This video link is fantastic from Bikram Yoga Manhattan. It explains why we have those bonkers feelings in Camel.

I'm hoping my yoga mojo returns to me soon. I shall not dwell on it or get sad if it doesn't. If I have to ride that Yoga Bus for the next thirteen days so be it, I'll fasten my seat belt and hold on tight.

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