Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 16 - The Yoga Bus is back

I thought I was fully prepared for today's class. I had taken the day off work as I had loads of 'personal admin' to do that could only be done during office hours but without being in an office!! I had a nice lie in clocking up a good eight and a half hours sleep. I ate well and hydrated. What could go wrong?

I went to the 4pm class as I could. The outside temperature was 38 degrees C and it was really humid. Walking into the room wasn't much different. I felt okay, I'd shaken off the sore throat and flu symptoms of yesterday. Dom was teaching this evening. I've only ever taken one class before with him and it nearly killed me. I didn't let that bother me and just went for it.

I found I was backing off from my full potential in the standing series. I was faffing wiping my hands for standing head to knee. It was so wet in there my hands were sliding all over the place. Every time we came to rest between postures it took all my strength to stand still, I was actually urging Dom mentally to hurry up and get us in the next posture, knowing I'd feel better once I had that to concentrate on.

I never drink during class but my mind was screaming at me so I drank at fixed firm and again before head to knee with stretching. It didn't make me feel better, I know better not to drink when I'm like this, it makes things worse. I battled through. I didn't take a knee. I could feel my arms flopping in triangle set up and I allowed my fingers to rest on my toes. At one point on the floor in savasana I had to start counting my breath just to slow myself down and not start breathing heavily. The yoga bus was definitely running over me today. Every sit up was an effort. Then it was time for camel!

I was spinning as I reached for my heels and bolted straight back up. I didn't lay down I just stayed kneeling and breathing. There is a mantra by Craig Villani painted on the door to the BYJ yoga room, "The only way is through." This popped into my head in savasna and I knew it was the only way. Second set a forced myself to do a strong sit up, I needed that energy. I got fully into position, focused on my breathing. Then Dom appeared next to me and gently guided my hips more forward. That made me not give up, I couldn't flake out whilst getting a correction. I got through.

After class I was guzzling my electrolytes and extra water when Jo came up and asked me if I had struggled today. She practiced right in front of me and could feel my flagging energy. I didn't realise it had been so obvious. Not to worry, this is the week when crazy things might happen. A bit like what I've heard week five is like at Teacher Training.

What I've learnt again today is no matter how well prepared you are you never know how a class is going to turn out until your in it. Even then a strong standing series can be followed by a floppy floor series. Hopefully that yoga bus will keep on driving, I really don't like it much at all!!

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