Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 10

Wednesday night and Thursday morning class always seem so close together. Probably because they are! No sooner have you packed up your mat it feels like your throwing it down again.

5:45am was lead by Anthony who I think is on his fifth class now as a fully fledged Bikram yoga instructor. He's doing great. My lower back is not so great, its starting to stiffen up. It could have been the early start but I know from my last challenge I did get some pain there. My backbends were quite shallow today. I need to stay focused at sucking my stomach in during key postures so that the lower back gets the support and protection it needs. 

We cruised through today, a few mix ups on left and right but no big deal. Finished barely two minutes over. I hate in the mornings I have the leg it for the door the moment the instructor leaves. It's during challenges when we need extra long savasana's to fully recover and absorb the practice. It was great on Saturday when I opened my eyes at the end to find I was the last person in there, I was in danger of being vacuumed up!

A few of us were talking after the class the other day about being late or finishing work early to fulfill our challenge commitment. I am very lucky to have a boss/colleagues who don't mind me doing this. I make it just on time for 8:30am. The day I have to leave early, Wednesday, I come in early and don't take a lunch break. It all balances out. I think as long as you get everything done that you need to it shouldn't be a problem. Also this yoga is so good for us mentally and physically our bosses should be supportive of our practice. It will give them a happier, more productive and healthier work force. I've not taken a sick day since I started Bikram in June and haven't had the usual colds/flu that come with taking public transport. If you do find some negativity in the workplace suggest that person come along to a class...they will get a rather sweaty wake up call!!


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