Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 12 - Saturday 7:30am

Your probably wondering why I was heading out to Bikram at 7:30am on a Saturday when there's a perfectly good 9:30am. After class today I was having a Sodashi Charkra Balancing Treatment. I was booked in for 11:20am so I had to go early to yoga, as I was thinking I wouldn't want to go at 4pm! More on the treatment later, even a full post dedicated to the blissful event!

I arrived at the studio a bit early and was left locked outside with a couple of other regulars, so keen we at BYJ! Karen was teaching us today which was cool as she's been away so not taken her class for a few weeks. It was great to see her happy smiling face this morning! I decided to mat down next to Jo who was also practicing today. Always good to have some strong energy next to you. There was a bit of musical mats just before we started. One lady didn't want to be on the front row (there wasn't much room left) so swapped with her friend who didn't want to be right next to the podium. I didn't mind moving over to podium side as that would get me away from the cushy door spot. There is a draft extractor under the door but a bit of breeze does get under occasionally. I've cheated once this week with an airy spot so not again.

I was feeling strong today but my balance and knees were a bit shaky. I wobbled through awkward and nearly fell over in part three as I straighten my back and brought my knees down and forward. I really don't like Awkward, it hurts, it's at the start so I'm not warmed up. But I NEED it, it's the best one for my round shoulders and slouchy posture.

One thing I love about Karen's class is her sound effects! It's hard to put in words but when we are directed to put out arms straight out in front of us (Awkward again) Karen says 'zummmm.' It makes me smile, 'zummmm' arms out in front. Zummmm appears through out the class too.

The temperature was perfect today, steamy, drippy and hot but still breathable. My head didn't touch today. I was having grip issues. My right hand actually slid so far forward I was barely holding my toes. This lead me to readjust but didn't give me enough time to stretch down. I must learn to grab my heels. (without snapping off my nails hahaha!) Floor bow went well today. This is another one I have a love hate relationship with. I've been trying really hard not to let my legs splay out in order to get higher. (as this is easier, looks cool but changes the posture completely so don't do it!!) The side effect of keeping those knees 6 inches apart hurts and my calves get cramp. Hence I must push through and do it properly!

I did take a drink before head to knee with stretching. Purely because I was soooo hungry. The 50 cent sized piece of steak I had just didn't cut it. I did feel sick but not heat/toxins removing sick, it was that gurgling hunger pangs, I can tell the difference now. So a quick swig of water kept those at bay. Mental note for snacks stick with the chicken, nut spread or eggs. Despite that I felt great after class and managed to get a slightly longer savasana in.

I thought I'd share a photo with you of my kitchen table and the small stack of electrolytes and supplements I use. The turmeric was suggested by Janette for temporary relief of pain and inflammation. It's especially good for reducing stiffness and joint swelling. Handy during the challenge and perhaps this is helping me as I'm not as sore as the 1st challenge. The immune support is only for those days I feel a bit scratchy and need some echinacea. I'm always up for anything that makes things a little more comfortable and helps me perform to my optimum capabilities. The only thing missing here is my Nuun's, I keep them at work for after the morning classes.

No double funning today as I was planning to be very blissed out after my massage!


  1. Oh yes - ZHOOOM! Bikram says that, usually for eagle. I use it sometimes, too. It's a good sound effect. :)

    Love Ultima. I have the lemonade flavor and it pretty much keeps me alive and in business...

  2. Ah ah, thanks J for the better spelling of "Zhooom!" I didn't know it was a Bikramism! There's still lots of dialogue phrases I'm still to figure out which is verbatim or which is instructor personal input.