Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day - 20 Sunday 2pm

I can safely say I was feeling sore after going hard yesterday. I was feeling my hips had shifted somehow or maybe they were just super stretched out. I had the morning to wake and warm myself up, hydrate and eat in plenty of time for the 2pm with Sarah. This would be my third last class with Sarah as she is moving back to South Australia next weekend. It will be sad to see her go but it's just another part of this crazy Bikram world. The heat, dialogue and sweat will always be the same but everything else is so variable. Each instructor brings their own personality and techniques to a class making it so different. Mixing it up is important or else we would get bored with it. (& we can't be having that now!)

The conditions for today's class were spot on so I could just concentrate on the postures and just be. My strength has returned. I was even close to locking out my knees in hands to feet. My hamstrings are feeling good again. Separate leg stretching when done correctly is so hard. My fingers were throbbing from being stood on and my head was so far off the floor I can't believe it ever touched. I will push on, I will do this correctly. I worked hard not to rush into standing head to knee. I was so determined not to rush I quaked and went too quick and yes fell out. 

I nearly drowned though in separate leg head to knee. Tucking my chin into my chest and rounding down put my nose in the perfect spot to collect a stream of dripping sweat from my top. I stayed down there but what a challenge trying to breath calmly when your nose is filling rapidly with salty water. Usually its my eyes in this one that get sweat logged and I stumble up blinded. Despite this the standing series seemed to fly by today.

I did have to deal with an external challenge today, other people's yoga drama. Two people next to me where really struggling. That's cool, sit down, take a rest. I do not knock anyone who has to rest. However they were struggling with keeping still even when down. Rolling forward, onto their sides, wiping and fanning. In savasana I could see out my peripheral one person fanning their top up and down. I had to stay focused and not be distracted by this but it was tough. I know it's hard, it's hot but even Sarah mentioned today all the faffing around is burning up extra energy. You need every ounce of energy in there, don't waste it. Stay still. I could barely hold myself up by the end of yesterdays class but I gritted my teeth and held out. If it's that bad lay down and stay still, you will recover quicker and easier. I know it may not feel like it at the time but it will...just try it!

To end on a positive note, one fellow challenger wasn't feeling up to class today. She was quite low and feeling tired. After class I saw her and she had had an awesome 90 minutes. She was happy and bubbly, totally different from the start. That's whats great about this yoga. You can feel like crap going in but it can totally heal you inside and out, wash away any bad emotions and replace them with lots of happy endorphins. It does give you energy and the achievements you make, even the smallest one's, can give you a real pick me up.

On we go into the final full week and the last ten days of what has been so far another very enjoyable 30 day bikram yoga challenge!

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