Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 4 - That Friday feeling

Here we are at Day 4. Nothing unusual or life changing to report today. It's still early days and four days in a row is the normal practice for me. I know things will start shifting soon, those aches and pains that lead up to breakthroughs will be coming soon.

5:45am class again with Liz, deja vue perhaps but no, every day is different, today's class was nothing like yesterdays. I was about to venture west into the depths of the room when a fellow regular pulled me up and asked me to come up front with her as she was getting lonely. We quite often practice next to each other in the early mornings and I'd explained I had to move around the room. She also pointed out when there is newbies we need people up front to lead, true. It is nice to have the camaraderie and share energy with your mat buddies so I went down front but not the spot I had on Wednesday.

My hips were especially tight today. I felt this the most when trying to bounce down in triangle. Toe stand is really coming along. I just need to lift up off my heel at the end and not tip forward or sideways. My biggest issue today was monkey mind. I could not switch off, it really made staying present hard. I even went straight into the set up of head to knee with stretching when it was Rabbit time. Doh! Quickly got those legs back in. This usually happens to me after standing bow pulling, instead of going to the back of the mat for balancing stick I step sideways. I then started stressing about thinking too much instead of just switching off and concentrating on that breathing.

I'd like to give a shout out to Michelle who I met this morning. She took her first Bikram class last Tuesday and signed straight up for the challenge! Awesome, the best way to get introduced to this fabulous series is start in the deep end. I hope all the other challenger's are feeling strong and enjoying the experience too.

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