Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 5

It's Saturday and one of the best things about weekend classes is I don't have to rush off anywhere. I can actually enjoy a nice long savasana. Yes I do have busy weekend commitments but I make sure any appointments are made after 12pm so I have the all important social time at the studio. There was so many people there today, regulars, fellow challengers, staff and friends. There actually wasn't enough time to get round everyone to catch up before class. I did get to meet fellow challenger and reader Courtney for the first time *Hello, nice to met you!*

I did the 9:30am with local instructor Sarah who's classes are what I would describe as efficient, dialogue lead and on time. She has a great way of getting everyone in and out of postures smoothly so it feels like they go quicker. I'm listening, correcting myself, going deeper & change it's time to come out. My favourite posture with Sarah is Full Locust, her energy at the end really makes you want to 'go up, fly up!'

I really enjoyed today's class. My Saturday practice has been off all of January so I was glad to have a good class today. I did reach a record of drinking five litres of water yesterday. I also forwent an hours extra sleep so I could eat a good protein based breakfast of wholegrain toast and eggs two hours before. (I could get that sleep back in half tortoise!!!) I was very prepared and ready to go and it all paid off. I flew through. Hips felt open, hamstrings were flexing and I kept my breathing under control. I notice in the morning classes I don't breath properly and end up yawning a lot through lack of oxygen. I read an interesting fact that yawning is the body's natural way to cool down the brain. However yawning in higher temperatures is counterproductive as your breathing in warm air. So best to keep that steady breath going in and out through the nose so we don't unnecessarily heat up our body/brain more than we need.

More socializing followed class which was lovely as more people arrived to join the party! I'm all set up now for a happy and enjoyable weekend. Hope you all have a good one too.

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