Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 24 - The last Thursday

I woke up this morning thinking it was Friday. Don't you just hate that?! Our last Thursday of the challenge. I only have two more 5:45am's to do as Monday I will be 6pm-ing it due to a staff meeting. (*tut* don't they know by now I have yoga Monday mornings! hahaha)

It was Sarah's last class with us today as she's jetting off back to South Australia. The general vibe at the studio is the challengers are feeling a bit flat, a bit over it. The end is close. We've all tried so hard and achieved a lot in 24 days. I am looking forward to having Wednesday nights off as I find the night classes followed by the early mornings a bit tough. I got home late, 8:30pm, as I stopped for fuel and couldn't be bothered to wash my yoga clothes. Double load tonight. After eating and blogging it was time for sleep nothing else. You can only juggle the rest of your life for so long.

I had a good class today. My balance and strength have returned in equal measures. I did fall out one side of Standing Bow pulling but I did have a strong standing head to knee which always then sends SBP a bit off. No water issues today. A few random crazy monkey mind moments that are too shocking to mention. Why I was thinking such things during class is beyond me. Standing separate leg stretching has gone to s**t as I'm doing it properly. Courtney yours was awesome last night, I caught a glimpse as I was looking in the wrong place! Class wrapped up quickly and I even managed to get a quick chat with Jo in before dashing off for the train.

Six days to go and four weeks till Craig Villani's posture workshop. Posters should be out very soon so watch out in all the Perth studios and book your place QUICK as this will sell out.

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