Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sodashi Chakra Balancing Treatment, Bodhi J Spa

I'm still feeling floaty from the amazing treatment I had today at the Bodhi J Spa in Wembley, Perth. I had a couple of massages during my first challenge and it's a great idea as it helps work out those tired muscles and rid the body of extra toxins. It was a twenty minute drive from the studio but it was the only spa that I could find that incorporated a massage and a chakra balance. It also used Sodashi products that are 100% organic and made right here in WA.

I received a warm welcome to the tranquil, clean and professional spa which is Bodhi J. I do tend to judge spa's on the decor, cleanliness and professionalism. I need to feel I'm in the right place for relaxing, hushed voices and soft fluffy towels a must. The treatment room was quiet and comfortable. I was given an eco bathrobe to change into and all my clothes were neatly hung up in a cupboard. I know some people aren't into these type of energy therapies and are skeptical as to whether they work. I believe in them and they leave me feeling so great physically as well as mentally, it's money well spent. But like everything it's up to the individual.

The spa menu describes the treatment as:

“Deeply meditative, this experience aims to bring the chakras into alignment through a fluid combination of massage, specific essential oil synergies and beautiful crystals. Working subtly on the energetic body with profound effects, this truly unique experience leaves you feeling calm and in a state of harmony, resulting in an increase in wellbeing and spirituality.”

I was then briefed by my therapist Tegan on what was going to happen. We started with a kinesiology style chakra test to see if any were out balanced. I was surprised I was fairly well balanced, nothing screamed out it was off. Last time I had my chakra's balanced I was out it my creative zone, scary as I need that the most for my job! There for we would be working on the upper chakras 4 to 7.

I was given a warm up massage and gentle stretching before each chakra is gently massaged with the corresponding Sodashi oil. I am directed to take a deep breath and inhale the scent of each oil before it is applied. After each chakra has been massaged a crystal is placed on it. This treatment was so relaxing, I wish I could fall into the floor so deeply in savasana. After the treatment was finished it took me a while to get up, I didn't feel like moving. Another great way to spend 90 minutes! 

When I finally got up and went out to the relaxation room I was presented with a plate of fresh fruit, herbal tea and a small dark chocolate. I was de-briefed on the treatment and as with all spa's offered the chance to look over the oils that were used to purchase. I was tempted but I have so many lotions and potions at home I resisted!

Sodashi Chakra Balancing oils

I was so blissed out and impressed with the spa I booked in for another treatment in two weeks to finish off the challenge with. Next time I am trying the Li'tya Marta Kodo Rock Massage using hot stones along with Australian Aboriginal techniques to tone and re-align energy flow, enhancing mind and body balance and wellness. Two spa treatments in a month is very indulgent for me but you can't put a price on your health and well being. I'm using the challenge as the perfect excuse to have some 'me time!'

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