Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 9 - Wednesday 6pm

It's Wednesday again, hump day in the working week. I was feeling so flat all day, work was slow and there was nothing to get my teeth into. On the upside I could quite happily leave at 4:30pm to get to yoga as I had nothing pending to finish off.

A steamy, dripping, sweat flinging class with Shawn again. He didn't disappoint and was on top form just like last week. I did take a few precautions tonight with my spot in the room. There was a class before hand so the room was well up to temp so I positioned myself near one of the cool air vents. I always feel like I'm cheating myself if I'm in direct line of a refreshing blast but tonight I felt like I might need it. Knowing this I made sure I pushed to my maximum effort to counter balance my 'cheating.' I was soaked after five minutes, just like it should be. Limbs slipping and sliding together, sweat flying as I moved my arms above my head and back down. Love it!!! I was surrounded by familiar faces which was great for team energy.

I got a slight adjustment to my stretched up hand/arm in triangle which corrected my alignment. I felt my stance was too wide though as my inner thighs were really burning so stop me sliding wider. Or maybe this is how it's suppose to feel, will have to check up on that one. Toe stand was my favourite again today, it's really coming along. I remember the first few months of practicing I couldn't even bend down and touch the floor with a straight leg. Now I'm all the way down there. Still always room for improvement, after all we never stop learning.

By the end of the class I felt like I needed some water. Before head to knee with stretching I thought I could just grab a few mouth fulls but I resisted. It would not sit well for final breathing. Instead I didn't let it distract me and got straight into set up. I didn't need it, I'd had four litres through out the day. It was just my mind and body getting tired and wanting a distraction.

Another day done, I'm feeling strong and staying positive. The atmosphere at the studio is buzzing, it's awesome! I'm so grateful to everyone who is taking the time to follow my adventure and thanks again for the feedback. Keep smiling and keep up the good work, your are all doing amazing.

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