Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 13 - Sunday 2pm

Despite being a crazy person who was actually awake in time for the 8am class I decided to get all my jobs done at home instead. Then I could go to the 2pm class and know everything was taken care of. There has to be a balance of everything in life whilst doing a challenge. More on this later...

Sarah took us through our 90 minutes of moving meditation. I moved over to the opposite side of the room to yesterday to form a nice triangle between Jo, myself and fellow regular Barry. Everyone else in the room was jammed up on the right hand side so I had the whole second line to myself. Lots of space for sideways spreading out.

I did feel like I'd over loaded on carbs for brunch. This was because I'd made homemade bagels and banana bread so decided to have some of both. (with some smoked salmon and philly for protein) It was over the two hours but I felt heavy. Despite the fullness I managed another good class. I had a great head to knee with stretching and I even felt my legs lift away slightly from my thighs in the third part of locust.

I was talking with Jo yesterday about how good I was feeling and I wasn't as sore as the first challenge. I have come to the conclusion that the first challenge was a huge learning curve. My body didn't know what to expect so naturally it would get sore and fatigued. This time it's like the muscle memory has picked up where we left off. It's remembered how it can survive 30 days of Bikram and it's not so bad. Therefore maybe it's time to step it up.

After class today Sarah asked me if I thought I should start doing doubles now. I have cruised the first two weeks and yes doubles would push this challenge further so I get more out of it. I seriously considered this and yes I'd love to step it up. However for me to attend the 6pm or 7:30pm it would be taking up a huge chunk of my life in the evenings. This brings me back to balance again. There has to be balance. If I took the evening classes I wouldn't get to spend time with my man or have time to whip up dinner for us which I enjoy. I'd basically get home, shower and be off to bed, then up again at 4:40am. My personal relationships are important and they need care and attention too. If I didn't work full time (but I love my job too which is great) then yes I could do daily doubles there would be time but it's just not realistic right now. I'll just have to try out a back to back double on Saturday or the staggered doubles on Sunday.

Hope you've all had restful and enjoyable weekends.... here we go into week three!


  1. wow! week 3 already! i dotn know about you but that went by rather quickly. congrats on constantly moving around the hot room. so awesome and i hope it is bringing some new challenges to your practice.

  2. The first two weeks have flown by, I'm half way through already. Wonder if your Fall TT will go so quick? Thanks, I'm quite proud of my spot moving & yes it is adding to the challenge!