Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 11 - A Breakthrough

It's Friday and wow was it a job to get up at 4:40am. But I did because I knew our fantastic BYJ studio director Jo was teaching this morning. Jo doesn't often take the early classes which means I miss out taking her class. So this was a real treat.

I had left over roast chicken for pre-early class snack, this was a good move as I was fairly hungry. I find if I'm tired I tend to get hungry easily, maybe its my body's way of telling me it needs some fuel. 

I got a great spot right on the back row which got me some strange looks from another regular who I hadn't filled in on my consistent spot swapping regime. Alas not one mat appeared in front of me giving me a clear view straight to the mirror. Are you all being courteous yogis out there or just avoiding me?!!

I had a breakthrough today which is totally not normal for me in the mornings. But as we always hear nothing is ever the same and definitely expect the unexpected. My standing head to knee returned after a stiff few mornings. I got as far as getting my head down before I fell out, first time this week in morning classes. However, this was not the breakthrough. That came in Standing Separate Leg Stretching. 

I am not naturally a human pretzel so when I could feel the whispy bits of hair slightly touch the towel I got excited. I've been 'nearly there' for about six weeks now. Second set I opened my stance wider and pulled so hard with my upper body strength. And my head touched...for a second and my knees stayed locked out. Woo hooo! BUT no way was it right. My hands had slipped forward to nearly my toes (I still have to grab the outsides of my feet) so my arms were not bent back to my shins. I don't think my biceps were parallel to the floor either (probably as my legs were so wide!). Not to worry that head still was on the floor, one step at a time. Below is how this should pose should look and is perfectly being executed by BYJ instructor Jules.

Standing Separate Leg Stretching courtesy of Bikram Yoga Joondalup

Jo mentioned something that was quite fitting for this scenario. In the mornings we are stronger so we have to utilize that strength to maximize our flexibility. In the evenings we are more flexible so we can use that to build our strength.

I felt so energized after the class, really blew those cobwebs away and set me up for what has turned out to be a hectic day.

Again thanks to everyone who is following and thanks to Jo for the extra plug in class this morning. Please feel free to send me any questions via the comments or find me at the studio if there's anything extra you'd like to know about my challenge experience. Bring on the weekend!!

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