Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 21 - Hello hips

I thought my hips were sore yesterday but today I am walking like John Wayne. It didn't help having to run up the station steps this morning either! Monday morning, 5:45am with Sarah. I crunched, popped and grinded my way through the first 25 minutes. The hamstrings were still feeling good but oh the hips. 

Awkward my least favourite posture has suddenly come on a lot in part two. The instructors are always telling us the lower you are, ie. thighs parallel to the ground, sitting on the chair not below it and up high on your toes will make it easier. Of course they are right. I've been too scared to get down to the correct level, it hurts! I tired on Saturday and it wasn't so bad and it actually made keeping my back straight easier. Once I was actually down to the correct level it didn't hurt so much. Lesson of the day, listen to the dialogue, it makes sense, trust the program!

Back to the hips. Yesterday Sarah was the first person to notice  that I am wonky in fixed firm. It's my posture, my hips are not actually level. I only found this out in September through a Kinesiology session. My right tibia is actually longer than my left, therefore wonky hips. Yoga should actually help re-align me. When I lay back in fixed firm I can see clearly in the mirror my left hip in sticking up higher. I just thought that was the way it was. But no, I can straighten up I discovered by dropping it back down. It feels really weird, I don't feel level as I'm so used to being wonky. It's also noticeable in half tortoise, I find it difficult to sink my hips back onto my heels. Left hip goes down well but right is still in the air. It's funny how you just accept things and live with it. When a simple adjustment can actually help. Again how amazingly healing and correcting is this yoga?! I'm hoping my hip soreness might lead to a new breakthrough, no more wonky hip perhaps?

Now I know we all like to talk sh*t so I will. A few people have mentioned their digestive systems are going a little crazy during the challenge. Again, normal. It's detoxing, flushing out your insides. It may also be a sign to stop eating so much junk. Put the right balance of fuel in and you'll get more out. Quite a few challengers got a touch of gastro on the last one. I usually have rock solid guts but I too have been feeling the shift. I know I need to cut down on sugar, chocolate is my main vice. However I've officially gone four whole weeks without any alcohol. It wasn't planned it just happened slowly after New Year. Something in my make up is shifting and changing. I no longer crave or even want champagne which I used to guzzle down quite often. I'm also terrified of being dehydrated this month so eliminating any sabotaging factors is also a good move!

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