Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 26 - Do what you love

I'm going to start with a great saying from my fellow challenger and good friend Karen Lewis.

"Do what you love or else you'll get wrinkles."

How awesome is that and so true. Karen lives by this and looks fantastic for it! Take a look at any Bikram Yoga instructor how much do they radiate happiness and light as they are doing what they love.

Saturday 9:30am. I toyed with the idea of trying a back to back double for fun but you know what I didn't need to do one, why kill myself with five days to go. The challenge of it which would be awesome and such an achievement to do three hours of Bikram in one hit. Even at teacher training students are required to do daily doubles five days a week but these are splits not B2B. If your in training for training I would certainly see the point of getting some split doubles in but the idea of a back to back is a bit hardcore. Despite this two fellow challengers did do B2B and survived. Well done Courtney and Gemma you rock!!

Karen was leading the way today. I matted down in the third row right next to the post so had to watch out I didn't smash my hand when going sideways. I had a totally blocked view which occurred very last minute. I did find it hard today not to being able to see at all. I know I've been wanting this but now I think I have done blocked views enough. It will be time, when I return to my regular practice, to get back near the mirror so I can really concentrate and develop my form to get the full benefits from doing this challenge. 

The room was very steamy after the 7:30am had finished but we had some nice blasts of fresh air circulating. My hips were pinching today in standing head to knee so I didn't get near the full expression. I kicked out for as long as I could stand but did feel I gave up a bit. That being said I followed up with a fairly good standing bow as I'd not used all my energy up. I came so close in toe stand to lifting my gaze and myself off my heel. I've been a bit wobbly the past week after doing so well in this one. It still makes me laugh at how one day you can be awesome at a posture then the next day totally useless. That's what makes this yoga so interesting, it's the same every day with the dialogue but your body is so different.

Cobra is coming along after some shared tips from another student that Anne gave her last week. By putting your hand so close into your body that they are actually under the side of your boobs to start with makes it easier to keep your arms in the right spot when you come up. If your hands are too far out you won't be able to get your arms in the right place. This made such a difference to me as in Cobra my elbows always seemed to hurt and I couldn't keep my palms flat. Probably as I was bending them in to get them closer to my body when I should have been moving my hands in to keep everything aligned. 

I really pushed hard in head to knee stretching to make up for my poor effort in standing H2K. My arms are still up round my ears and no where near my calves. My rounding in is coming along and my head in further up on my thigh than knee.  

No breakthroughs today, which I didn't expect really but you never know. I am very pleased my lower back has held out and my thighs aren't as sore as I remember from the first challenge. I was still having a treat today as I'd booked in for a 90 minutes hot stone massage back at Bodhi J Day Spa. I'm sure my body will appreciate some pampering after 26 days of yoga.

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