Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 5 - Bonus Class

I'm trying in this second challenge to mix it up and not just cruise through. As you have seen from my last post I was having a good day so I decided I was going to do my first ever double. For those who don't know what this is it's basically taking two Bikram yoga classes in one day. Teachers in training do this five days a week for nine weeks. Usually in a challenge if you miss a day you have the chance to make it up with a double. My last challenge I made sure I didn't miss a class, I wanted to be a purist and do the challenge properly. I still aim to do this in this challenge too but who knows what may happen over this month so I have am extra class in the bag just in case.

Everything felt right today. I had a good class this morning so why not. I ran all the errands I needed to. Headed home and had a nice, fresh steak sandwich. Ideally I should have had a side of veg with this but I was starving so quickness won. I managed to get three litres of water down before heading back to the studio. I took extra electrolytes too, treating this class just like any other.

My studio director was there and she also was doubling up so I was not alone. I found a different spot from the morning. I also assisted two newbies in setting up a spot at the back. I've never practiced at 4pm on a Saturday and there was a whole new crowd of people. I took a seat thinking I could just chill out, relax with my own thoughts for a while. Yeah right within a minute I was chatting away to someone new!!!

The class was being lead by a new local instructor Anthony (with a 'the') who's fresh out of Fall TT 2010. He did really well. It was actually cool to hear some of the dialogue that the more experience instructors leave out for timing. Some lines I'd not heard in a while popped back up. When he slipped up he laughed it off. What I noticed was how alert the class was and we were all listening to the dialogue. A few times after stepping back to the left of our mats, there was a longer pause before "arms back down to your sides". Nearly everyone waited, just standing still, arms up and brought them down when instructed. The group energy was fantastic. We did, I feel, do an extra long triangle, I was starting to shake and slide a bit but then again it might have been the correct length!

I noticed in this class the postures I did well in in the morning weren't so strong and vice versa. Overall I felt very happy with my efforts. I made in through without drinking and I even was craving water by the end which often happens. Just to note I'm a non drinker through out the whole class. I take it in but rarely touch it till the very end. The times I do drink I regret it as it zaps my energy as my body is dealing with digesting it and water sloshing around makes me feel sick. But you only way to get through a class without water is to be super hydrated before hand.

That rounds off Saturday and my first double for no other reason but because I wanted to. Some people might think I'm mad or 'don't you have anything better to do' but hey that's my choice. It might not happen again or it may become a regular thing, who knows!!


  1. i heart doubles. they are a good practice and suprisingly not as hard as it is in your mind. the second class is often easier i find. i have yet to do a back to back but i have done a double like you did. (had a morning class then came back for seconds) congrats!

  2. Thank u! I think I will be doubling just for fun again soon, increase my obsession more! I'm a bit scared of back to back doubles but one day...