Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 18 - Letting go

I had mad energy going on yesterday. Had a bonkers day at work, teachers me not to take a mid week day off despite being fully prepared and had our freelancer cover me. I'm thinking this may well be to do with that full moon tonight. Ashtanga students never practice yoga on moon days as they feel so unbalanced by it. However I am not using the moon as an excuse. Onwards we go into day 18, Friday 5:45am.

Always expect the unexpected. I'd heard Anthony was down to teach today, then it changed to Jo but when I got to the studio it was in fact Sarah. This was good, I needed a Sarah class today. Straight forward, no messing, in and out of postures, finished 8 minutes early! My hamstrings were tight as today, I could barely move to warm up for hands to feet. That was the only real point of soreness. Head touched the towel but only briefly. Full locust flew up even higher and cruised through camel. I felt my strength had returned to me.

I did have a kinda of cleansing ritual last night. I decided after five months of having gel nail extensions it was time to let go. They weren't meant to stay so long, they were a treat for when I went on holiday so I could have pretty nails. Then I got sucked into having infills. I canceled my appointment for tomorrow, got out the acetone and off they came. I did make a bit of a mess but it saved me $50 getting them professionally soaked off. Wow the money I will save every month now. I have no excuses now not to grab my heels or stand of my fingers in postures. I felt happy afterward, I've let go of something that was pure vanity, I don't need them, gone, finished and natural again. (Just to add I didn't end up saving money as I spent the equivalent on a new Lulu hot class top. I'm Kat, I am addicted to yoga clothes.)

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