Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 1

It's the 1st February which means it's day ONE of my 2nd 30 day Challenge. My day started early as I'll be practicing at 5:45am four mornings a week. I was quite shocked to see how dark it was at 5am when I left. (My drive to the studio is 25 minutes, hence early, early start) Signs that summer is slowly coming to an end. I've really been enjoying the early summer starts and driving in full day light at an hour most people think is bonkers.

Two other previous challengers joined me today. Good to see both of them again as we'd not crossed paths since before the Christmas break. This was the part I loved from the last challenge, the community spirit, support and bonding that happened through this shared experience. 

I breezed through today's class. It's day one, I rested yesterday and I was refreshed and ready to go. I moved my spot in the room, way out left on the third row. However I quaked last minute and pulled forward one row. Row three was fairly busy so row two was empty and would give me some more sideways space. I know I should have stayed put and been squashed. It just seemed silly all being on one row when there was plenty of space to spread out. No one was in front either so I had a clear view of the mirror. I need to have a restricted view tomorrow, I must be squashed, I shall share flying sweat with my neighbours!! This will be easy as I have 6pm peak time tomorrow.

The class flowed well. It was the last class with visiting instructor Emily from Washington. I've enjoyed her relaxed, calming style. I'm still amazed how she manages to remember everyone's names, do corrections, support the beginners and still finish on time without rushing or fuss. 

After reading a post from The Missus about not your body bending down in triangle to reach the floor. I made a conscience effort today to sit down low and not to drop my body when I moved my arms. And what do you know, that triangle shape stayed between my thigh, torso and arm, my muscles woke up and my alignment was better along my straight leg and side. I felt like I was in triangle, not hanging out resting on my knee or finger tips which I know I do especially in classes when I feel weak.

That's day one done, finished, let go, tomorrow will be different.... 29 more to go!

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  1. nice! i will share flying sweat with my neighbors. love it!