Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 19 - Very excited!

Today has been the day of three very exciting developments in my Bikram bubble. 
  • #1 Mika Yoga Wear has arrived at BYJ and selling out fast, secured my Ella top in chilli.
  • #2 Guest instructor Anne from Bikram HQ LA lead our 9:30am class. (More later)
  • #3 and the most freaking exciting thing is Craig Villani will be in WA on March 26th for a seminar and master class.
I'll start with more on Craig. For those who don't know who he is the former director of Bikram Yoga teacher training and runs his own luxury yoga retreats in the South of France along with Ben Sears. I actually received the dates for the summer retreats only yesterday from Ben. I was so excited I could combine a retreat with a trip to the UK to see the folks. Wow, now I get to take a master class too. I know already I will probably end up on my knees (even my back) in a mass pool of exhausted sweat and fatigue. But just to be able to experience the wealth of knowledge this man has about Bikram yoga the pain is priceless. 

I actually jumped up and down when I heard the news, what a loser I know but how often do we get a chance like this. Australia is a long way from anywhere and if something good ie. shows, bands, exhibitions etc. do come down under hardly they ever come to WA. This is not to be missed people. I am on the list, set in concrete I am there. Even more exciting it's two days after my birthday and I couldn't think of anything I'd like to do more on my birthday weekend than this. (The man will be working all weekend I know already so that's cool, I won't be neglecting him.) I admit right now I am brainwashed by this yoga.

Back to Anne. I was tipped off she was teaching 9:30am but regardless that is my class of choice. I met her as soon as I arrived, a happy, smiley lady who put me at ease straight away. I was a little nervous as I've heard in America they have more hard core techniques and tougher classes despite the dialogue being the same universally.

I matted down in a 'safe' zone, under the vent, second row. Then Jo told me to go up front. The only spot left (as lots of instructors were in there today) was right next to the podium but I'd have Janette on my right so that would keep me strong. Who needs the cheating air vent!! The class was awesome. Very, very different from any class I've experienced. I went hard, seriously pushing myself. I was so tanked up on adrenaline which helped. I couldn't feel any of the aches or pains that I had yesterday. The sweat was pouring like a rain forest. You could hear the drip, drip, drip all around the room.

I was so proud of everyone in the room. We were all so present. Coming back to the left of our mats arms still above our heads patiently waiting to be told to bring them down. I think Anne was surprised too at how disciplined we were. She told us to just relax, arms down, we know the drill just do it.

I must end my love affair with standing separate leg stretching and touching my forehead. I knew I was doing it wrong, I was compromising depth for form. Anne pulled me up in the second set, got me to start again and to grab my heels (thank G the nails are gone!), get my legs closer, fold down and pull. Before my back wasn't straight, it was bending, not correct, even if head was on the floor. I ran out of time to have a real go, one for tomorrow. 

Another thing I learnt today was not to get cross with myself in Standing head to knee if I fall out. Janette gave me some valuable advice after class not to rush in, that's why I fall over. I need to slow down and take it easy. Another few tricks to try tomorrow. After all I've only just manged to kick out this year and that took six months, the full expression may well take just as long.

I officially ran out of steam in the last 15-20 minutes. Camel got me in the second set. I was physically spent, my thighs could barely keep me up so I took to my knees. Head to knee with stretching was weak but I managed a fare final spinal. I had worked hard, it felt great. I could barely hold myself upright in kapalabhati breathing!! I did manage to walk and not crawl from the room to my ready prepared electrolyte cocktail. Funniest thing in the shower though. I actually sat down, on the floor of the shower and just let the cool water wash over me. It made me laugh. I was tired physically from pushing hard for once, not from the heat or other factors, just simply going hard. It was the class I needed, half way through the challenge to take it to the next level.

My buzz is only just starting to subside, a whole three and a half hours after we finished. That's the reason why I do this yoga, you may fee like dying the first few minutes after class but give it a bit longer and your flying. I could easily have gone back for the double but I didn't want to ruin what I'd achieved today. Plus there is lots to do, posters to create, conversations to be had.

Thanks again to everyone who is following, your feedback is awesome, I still can't believe people are actually reading my babble. A huge shout out to my friend Monica in London, 'Engerrrrrlannnd' who has been inspired to take a 30 day challenge herself in March and is blogging too. Check out her adventure here. Stay strong challengers, I know some of you have hit road blocks this week. Only 11 days to go, only one more Saturday. Just think next Saturday there will be only 4 days left!!!

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