Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 28 - Monday 6pm

Due to a staff meeting commitment I had to pass on my usual 5:45am class. My body clock wasn't told this and still gave me a nudge at 4am to let me know it was nearly time to get up. I can officially say a habit has been formed here and my body has fully adjusted to the routine now.

Despite going at a different time than usual there were still loads of familiar faces there. Jo was leading us through today and we were being videoed for possible use on the BYJ website. Everyone seemed cool with this, I thought it was a good chance to pull out the stops and try hard. There were a few very alarmed people who weren't in the class but I saw afterward who didn't like the idea. I'd be keen to see the full video as you never get a chance in certain postures like Rabbit or camel to see if your doing it right.

I went front row, right next to the podium and under the hot air vent. This spot can be a killer as when you drop you head back in Pranayama you get a dry, hot blast right in your face. I felt strong but went too hard in the standing and was running on empty for the floor. This lead me to take a drink in fixed firm and before final spinal. My mind was in the zone in terms of not thinking outside the room, for some reason I managed to switch off my monkey mind.

I was given a slight adjustment to my lower hand in Triangle. For some reason I've started stretching up too much and my fingers are not aligning with my toes. My hand is floating around near my ankle. This leads me to lean my elbow to my knee for balance. It also means my arms are in the wrong place and I'm not in the correct alignment; arms - hands - toes. I sorted it out in the second set. I think I was avoiding placing my fingers to my toes as I tend to lean on them but as I discovered they can be touching without leaning. The stretch up and back will lift me up off my toes. I had some help stretching forward in half tortoise as well. It  makes such a difference with a little extra pull guiding your hands further forward and helping them stay there as you sink your hips back to you heels.

In the first savasana Jo read out a piece I found from the BY Manhattan blog about not attaching. It really helped me in this class as I had a nice fresh cut on the top of my foot (I dropped a gate on it) right by my Bikram scabs. The pain of sweat running over it and then having it pushed into the floor wasn't very nice. But after hearing that piece it helped me not to focus on it or let the pain become part of me.

Camel today left me feeling really sick. I laid down after the second set and I was spinning. I managed to breath through it, do the next sit up and get into Rabbit. It vanished, just like that and I carried on as normal. That posture is bonkers, does weird things to you. I must have had something that I needed releasing. Actually I know I did and now it's gone, washed away onto my towel in a salty puddle.

I felt good about this class, it wasn't my best but I didn't struggle. No breakthroughs. I think I am winding down now as I know the end is so close. When really I should be pushing hard as I'll be having two full days off at the end so I can afford to kill myself just a little bit.

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