Thursday, March 10, 2011

A week later

It's been a week now since I finished the challenge. I'm feeling good despite having what I could only describe as withdrawal symptoms of not practicing everyday. I actually felt a bit low on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday, even though I practiced Monday and Tuesday. I'm adjusting back to my regular schedule but I'm missing all those daily benefits and endorphin rushes. It was hard not to go to the 6pm last night as I knew Shawn was back for a few weeks. I think I've convinced myself I need to take at least day or two off a week to relax and keep on top of the rest of my life. Once I'm adjusted again it will be easier. (& time for the next challenge in May!)

I practiced at 5:45am this morning and felt much better. It was a really small class and I matted down on the back row with lot's of space around me. Jo took the class which was great as I don't get to take her classes very often. I was complimented for my back bend which made me smile. It's a hard posture to tackle but I love that feeling of my spine bending the opposite way to it's usual hunched forward over a computer. I read a comment on another blog the other day but I can't remember who's blog it was. (I read so many!) However it was the super Dancing J over at Lock the Knee who commented that in the back bend dialogue it doesn't actually say that your arms have to stay back with your ears, it's just 'arms back immediately.' I had been worried that I shouldn't be bending back to my maximum capabilities until those biceps were glued to my ears. But no, I can go back and the arms one day will catch up, hopefully. 

Another thing I've noticed from my time hanging out on the back row is the number of people who aren't listening in Eagle pose - Garudasana. After you have twisted your arms like ropes and pulled those shoulders down so your fingers are below your nose the dialogue directs you to sit down low 'and stay down there.' Then wrap you opposite foot round your calf muscle. So many people I've seen stand back up to wrap, then sit back down. This was one thing I remember clearly from our posture clinic with Nathan Dennett. He told us to make sure we do not bring our hips up once we are sitting down low in the chair. Yes it's harder to wrap but that's the point, you need to be working hard. If you don't realise you are coming up, next class pay attention to your movements and stay down low whilst wrapping your foot. Below is Jules demonstrating an excellent Garudasana, look how low she is, thighs parallel to the floor. If you find it hard to wrap, practice at home or at work whilst your sitting on your chair. It works!

Garudasana - Courtesy of Bikram Yoga Joondalup


  1. What? OMG, you are going another challenge in May??

  2. Yes a 30 Day is scheduled for May but I need to do a 60 dayer before TT. Undecided whether to do 60 in April/May so still get to share energy with the 30 dayers or do 30, then a 60 in July/August. Decisions, decisions...