Friday, March 18, 2011

Weekly Round up

This week I decided to mix up my usual schedule of Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday practice for Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This was to trick my body into doing something new. Always good to mix it up. I'm keeping up with moving round the room. I now fully appreciate not getting attached to a spot. I've noticed a few other students who almost always go to the same spot every time. That's cool, they can do what they want but I'm glad I'm a mover now.

Monday 5:45am
Since the challenge has finished the morning classes have been rather quiet. Fine by me, more room in the changing rooms and not waiting for a shower. It also means the instructor can really help out with individual corrections. 

Anthony took this class. He's still a fairly new instructor but if you didn't know you wouldn't be able to tell. When he jumbles up the dialogue or goes off track he laughs it off which I think is awesome. We did warm up stretching for half moon in both the first and second set. There was a few confused faces but we went with it and we carried on smoothly like it was meant to be there. Again if this was your first class you'd never have known this was out of place as he didn't let on. 

Anthony is one of the few instructors that actually says the "Mama give me money" line in the first set up for Standing Bow Pulling. First time I heard this I was like WTF, crazy visiting American lady! Then I learnt it was in the book. I do attach to individual instructors twists on the dialogue. It's what makes the class personal to them. My favourite Anthony-ism is "put your wings away" after Full Locust. A few people I've noticed keep them out to the sides and don't retract them.

The heat was having a malfunction that morning. I was right between a hot vent and a cool vent. Both were on. Hot one arm, ice cold the other. This was soon sorted out. We all like a refreshing blast but not before we've warmed up.

Wednesday 6pm
Shawn was back for the Wednesday night class. An opportunity not to be missed. I had a double reason to attend this class. Fellow regular Dee was finishing her 60 day challenge. She had been there to support us 30 Day Challengers on our last class so I wanted to be there for her. Another shining example of our strong BYJ community. Spirits were high. I managed to persuade Dee to come front row with me to finish off. She's never been in the front row and has been practicing as long as I have so is more than worthy to lead the class. At first I got the "I'll do it next week," but I'm pretty persistent and she came down to join me. Another fellow regular Keeley moved over too so we had a nice line of three going on. Nothing like finishing out front, excuse the pun. 

It was lovely and humid, sweat flying everywhere, dripping from my ears. Only us Birkam-ites can appreciate how good this feeling is. However the stream of sweat caused a few vision issues early on. I was blinded in Pada-Hastasana. I'd not washed my make up remover off properly so I had not only sweat but burning, stinging alcohol remover running into my eyes. Of course this made my nose run too.

Another set back was I'd had a massive lunch. I always try and eat well at lunch if I'm doing an evening class but I'd gone overboard with a huge serve of Thermomix chicken and vegetable risotto. Yes I eat carbs and I'm proud, with every meal in fact. One yogi friend was shocked to hear this but I believe in balance and not cutting out food groups. However a smaller serve might have been better as it was sitting like a lead balloon. This did slow me down. I felt a bit off kilter despite the food overload. I was craving my salty water which I drank on two occasions during the floor series. It wasn't till after class when I went to take my electrolytes and they weren't there. I'd left them on my desk and not taken them before class either. This is the first time in six months I've not used them for a class. I did feel it. I felt lagged, that could have been the food but I've over dosed on food before and this was different. I didn't cramp up but my muscles didn't feel right.

Overall despite my road blocks I had a fair class. It was fun celebrating Dee's achievement. Shawn is very motivating and inspiring. A few postures he actually did them along with us whilst delivering prefect dialogue smoothly. Obviously we couldn't watch as we were in our own but it was good to know he was right there with us. 

Friday 5:45am
I missed Thursday morning in favor of Friday so I could take a day to rest and have a lie in after getting home late Wednesday. A muscle just above my right knee has been niggling me. Especially in Awkward. I've wobbled and fell nearly every day this week in that one, parts 1 & 2. My strength wasn't there. I've been lashing on the Tiger Balm and backing off a bit but there still is something going on. Hopefully it's one of those tight muscles that lead to a breakthrough. Oh I've love to perfect Awkward before September. 

Karen was in charge today. She's just returned from Melbourne full of great feedback and new ideas for teaching. We had lots of Zhoom's and some good dialogue extras. 

The room was hot but not in a knock out, draining way. A good slippy hot. There's nothing worse than getting friction burn in Eagle from dry legs. (That sounds soooo dodgy!) I lacked strength which lead to wonky balance. I can't put my finger on it yet. Maybe I need to back off, take two days off at some point between classes instead of one. I'm feeling stiff and sore like I'm on a challenge. Usually in my normal practice a day off revives me and I go back feeling refreshed and ready. Now I'm just flat. My determination is there, my enthusiasm is high. I won't dwell on this. There must be a reason but I won't stress out trying to find it out.

Only eight days till the Craig Villani workshop which is a good reason to ease up, rest and be on top form for next Saturday. It felt very real yesterday when I finalised the tickets and got them printed. Not long to wait now. I'm so excited, there's so much to learn!!  

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