Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 29 - Class #30

Happy Saint David's day to my Welsh friends and family. It's official today I have completed the required 30 classes but in 29 days. This is a 30 DAY challenge so I still have to complete another class tomorrow to make 30 consecutive days of Bikram Yoga. I like rules and I like to stick to them or whats the point.

I was well protein fueled today with some left over silverside. I really could tell the difference with some decent food inside me. I didn't get any discomfort or hunger pangs. I did however have Yoga Brain this morning. I thought I'd forgotten my water. Easily done. I leave everything together on my kitchen floor in a neat pile and those who know me I don't travel light to yoga. Usually I don't have enough hands and have two bags on one shoulder. I even checked my car boot to see if it was rolling around in there. No, but not a problem there is lovely Fiji water to buy at reception. I did find my water after class in my car, in that spot in front of the gear stick. In the darkness the black bottle was invisible. With its insulated jacket on it was still cool which was great!

Karen was taking class today, her second day as a full time Bikram instructor after she made the decision to leave her accounting job. This is great as I only ever saw her on weekends, now we'll see each other more often. 

Today I came to the realization I actually quite like Balancing Stick. I like the way in sounds in Sanskrit "Tuladandasna." It's a quick ten second blast of pure heart thumping torture. Everything burns, arms, head, legs. You have to lock out both knees whilst lowering your body down and creating traction by stretching forward and backward at the same time. I used to hate this one, my heart would be beating out my chest, I'd feel dizzy and couldn't keep my balance. Now I just go with it and try hard. This is another example of when you do a posture properly as directed it is easier. If you give up and let your leg hand limp behind you or your arms drop too low you will use up far more energy and tire quicker. With the correct alignment and lighter, tighter limbs you'll rock it.

Tuladandasna - Balancing Stick. Courtesy of Bikram Yoga Joondalup.

I was blinded in Separate Leg head to knee today. I had a stream of sweat flowing into my left eye. I had serious problems keeping it open. This caused me to wobble and nearly fall over as I came back out as my balance was off having not kept both eyes open.

The cut on my foot was ripe again today. I let it get in the way of floor bow as where I grab my feet is where the cut is. It was very painful through out the whole floor series. Hardly surprising, it wasn't going to be comfortable an healing wound being pressed into a sweaty towel. 

Overall I had a good class. I must learn to let go when something doesn't go right. I scowl at myself when I fall out or can't quite get that last push. Other people have noticed me do it. Instead I should try smiling or even laughing at myself. I should know by now everyday is different, what I achieved yesterday could go belly up today. It's the way it is. I'm hoping I'll see some changes next week, once I've rested and relaxed and the pressure is off. If I don't it doesn't matter!

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