Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A new adventure

There you have it, I am going to Bikram Yoga Teacher Training aka Bikram's Torture Chamber or Yoga Boot camp. It just seems like a natural progression for me. I was thinking how I could improve myself and my practice? Then I made the realization I could achieve this and help other people at the same time. That made my mind up. I am a giving person, I rarely take anything without feeling the need to repay the favour. By becoming a certified instructor I can achieve a personal goal of learning as much as possible from the man who invented this practice, then impart this knowledge to others to help heal themselves of any afflictions they are carrying. I've said it before but I truly believe in the medical benefits of the sequence, it can heal bodies and souls. I want to pass on this message, I need to share the wealth.

I was scared to go public with my decision. All the usual worries about "am I good enough? Will I survive daily doubles five days a week for nine weeks? Can I leave my life for that long and up sticks to LA? How will I pay for this? What about my career!!" I do love my day job and will find a way to balance the two. I already have kind of as I do the design for the studio. My big fear was not being ready. After talking with Jo a few weeks back my doubts were erased as she is 100% behind my decision and actually encouraged me to aim for the Fall 2011 training instead of my planned Spring 2012. 

Having your studio director behind you is so important. You need their recommendation for the application form and all the help, support and guidance they can offer. At the end of the day it will be them that will be employing you so you want to feel like your part of the team. This journey will be mentally exhausting as well as physical, anything that will make that easier should be embraced. By having solid, inspiring mentors to fully prepare you and who have been through it themselves is priceless. The other instructors I have spoken to have been encouraging as well which is great. I'll need their help too to get my practice up to scratch.

Going public to my fellow students is the next hurdle I have to master. I don't want people to start watching me and comparing me or saying I'm not good enough. The two people who's opinions matter to me the most support my decision so if other people don't think I'm ready I need to let that be. Jo told me about a great book to read called The Monk who sold his Ferrari. I bought the audio version and have listened to it twice already. One chapter says by making a public pledge of your intentions you put pressure on yourself not to fail, to stick to your goal. The word is out now, I have to do this, no going back. I did want to slip away to training, do it and come back with the big "surprise!" But now I have realised I need to build my support system before I leave. 

Not many people have heard yet. But the few who have have been awesome. I received such lovely words of encouragement from two regulars yesterday. They said they'll be sending me positive energy and will be there to support me. So good to hear. After all these people will be my students in December. I need to know they've got my back when I'm up there on the podium forgetting my lines, pooing my yoga pants and keeping them in Triangle for five minutes. The BYJ community is so strong and caring I need them all to help me along this journey. I'll need bodies to practice on, mock classes to fill, willing volunteers that I'll only get by being open and honest about my goal. 

My practice may not be the best but my passion is there, I believe in the process. I'm not doing this because it's cool or the next new craze or so I can swan around in a cute Lulu outfit saying "I'm a Bikram Yoga instructor". This will sound cheesy but I'm doing this for everyone, not just myself. There are people out there who would love to go to training too but can't, so I will go and soak up that knowledge and bring it back to share with everyone.  

Now I have a new journey to blog about. Here's to my new sweaty adventure, the road to BYTT Fall 2011.


  1. I think you're gonna be an awesome instructor, you inspired me to do the challenge! I can't remember, are you in Perth? Cos if you are, I am heading that direction around Xmas time 2012, I WILL have to come and do a class with you as you'll be qualified by then!

  2. Aww thanks Mon. Yes I'm in Perth so you must come stay with me and do a class, I might know what I'm doing by Dec 2012!!!

  3. OMG OMG OMG!!! im going to fall TT!!!! it will be so cool to meet you finally! i had those insecurities as well, feeling like i dont have a stellar practice. and i really havent noticed if other people have negative thoughts about my practice to theirs and if i will be a good teacher. i have support and that feels so so so good to me! my studio directors and many teachers i respect all support so thats all i need. we can be our very worst critics and it doesnt help the heart heal.

    exciting stuff here! keep me posted on your plans and goals and fundraising ideas. i would love to help if i can!

  4. I know so exciting!! Will be cool to 'know' at least one person at TT. We can rock your shirts in style too! I'll shoot you an email with my fundraising ideas as I may well need to pick your brains on that.

    Yes I must remember my goals and not start worrying about what other people think. Easier said than done!