Sunday, March 20, 2011

Nut butter is back!

It's been nearly three weeks since I couldn't find my favourite pre-early morning class snack of nut butter. I got a message from a fellow yogini who had found it and tried it out so I knew it must be in Perth somewhere. I know I said I was going to Thermomix my own but time has been short and organic raw nuts are pricey. Fret not I located the last jar on the shelf of the city store on Friday of Woolworth's own version in their Macro range. It's just the same as the Melrose spread ingredients wise but I am yet to try it out for taste. I'm sure you can't really go too wrong with blended nuts and oil. Other products I've bought in this range have been very good. The only down side is the price. Organic = more money. It's worth it, as the saying goes 'you can't put a price on good health.' 

This is one product I'll be stocking up on, bubble wrapping and taking to teacher training. I'm sure Wholefoods does something like this but for the first week in till I find my feet I can't risk not being without it. Hopefully California doesn't have any rules on food importing like WA has. No way would you get this past the oh so cute sniffer dog in customs. Sorry I am attaching to this one, just like my electrolytes!


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