Monday, March 28, 2011

Putting it into practice

To follow on from my awesome experience at the seminar I'd like to start by reviewing the one thing that nearly killed my whole day. I didn't look after myself physically like I usually do. I've mentioned already the headache and lack of food due to my 'child on Christmas morning' excitement. It made me realise how on the game I must be at training. Never leave home without snacks, water, pain killers and a cushion. You never know how long your going to be kept sitting for and I need to keep my strength/blood sugars normal. Hydration is a no brainer but even with 3 litres I had with me I only drank two over the whole eleven hours I was out. This was due to not wanting to take pee breaks and missing something. Anyways...

I was bursting with enthusiasm to get into the hot room yesterday I reviewed my notes from the seminar about an hour before leaving so they'd be fresh in my head *yoga geek* alert. There was so much to remember but I had the feeling Anthony who was taking the 2pm would have soaked all Craig's words up like a sponge and would be able to give us some reminders. I was right!

We all had a joke at reception about the extended Awkward part two we were held in. The instructors were all practicing on the back row (just like at Training) and they were made to hold it even longer whilst we all turned round to watch. I must build my strength in this somehow it is slowly turning into my worst posture in the series. Craig did admit he would never ask people to do something he can't do himself so he must be able to hold it this long too. Okay future students of mine the complete Awkward series will now be a ten second posture!

My arms were so sore all the way up my triceps like I'd done 100 dips. The 'new arms' as Lisa W has named it, is very effective. It makes such a difference to the set up, it not only looks stronger but as a group doing it together we look in sync. = great group energy. It engages all the muscles instead of half arsing them up above the head like floppy rags.

Anthony commented how we'd all done our homework and were putting into practice what Craig had taught us. As hoped Anthony was there with some reminders. Oww my nostrils were flaring like a bull in pranayama as I made the 'so' shape with my throat for the inhale. It made the rattling sound in the throat louder and stronger.

I really tuned into the words for Triangle as well as doing the seminar tip. I'm not sure yet if it's verbatim dialogue but it was said after change to come out, "move your arms first then straighten your leg." This not only felt better, it looked better = smooth transition. Instead of flinging myself up and straightening my leg at the same time the moment the 'c' in change hits my ears. My mind is usually screaming "get out now & fast." It's all in taking it slowly as we were told.

The lights were kept on for the floor series. We had them dimmed the other morning which I loved. It made it so mellow and I wasn't seeing stars when I was looking up at the ceiling lights. We had two newbies so it wasn't appropriate I think, they needed the full beams on to see what to do.

Somehow, out of no where I pulled out the deepest Cobra of my life. This may be because I was looking super up at the ceiling. It felt close to an Updog but without the pressure in my hands/arms. Go spine strength!

I had a great class, I felt strong, focused and tuned in despite being sore. One downfall from the not hot Saturday class was I have friction burns on my knees. I do get a bit of stigmata on my knees but with the sweat the towel doesn't rub so much. It had on Saturday, nice dry, red scabby knees. Nice! I took today, Monday, off to absorb and rest. Back in there tomorrow, ekk can't wait so much to experiment with.


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