Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tricky Trikanasna

Saturday 9:30am. I was wide awake after nine wonderful, restful hours of sleep and could have made the 7:30am. It would have been awesome as Jules (blog photo model!) was taking it and I can't remember the last time I took her class. But no, my man was due home from night shift so I grabbed some time with him before he went to sleep. It also gave me chance to get some food and water in. My small protein fixes before the 5:45am's work well, but it can't compete with being nourished and hydrated.

Not such a busy class today. I went second row for a change of scenery and there was no one on the front row. I had a nice crowd of regulars around me which was great, we formed a strong circle of energy. Dom was leading us through again. I think I am over my fear of his classes now and as I have not been left for dead afterward since the Yoga Bus incident during the challenge. 

Straight away he was onto all of us with corrections. I do like corrections, even other people's I take note of as they might help me too. I want to know I'm doing  this right so I can fully benefit. Mon over at Don't Sweat It wrote a great post on Thursday about this subject. To quote, "it's good to know that the teachers have an eye on how you're getting into the postures and that you are doing it correctly and not just going through the motions of talking you through each posture."  I agree, I think it's fantastic how instructors get the dialogue out, are watching the room and can give corrections all at once. Classes would be very dull if they just went through verbatim and didn't offer any guidance. 

My half moon, Ardha-Chandrasana got sorted out first. I was next to Peta today who can almost get parallel to the floor in this one, very inspirational, which gave me a boost to try harder. I know I've been hanging out half way in this. I used to sink down into my waist/lower back to get depth but since being corrected a while back not to push until I have the lift up and out of my waist I've not been pushing at all really. It's remarkable how the tiniest, lightest adjustment can take you to the next level. It was uncomfortable, things were stretching and pulling but isn't that the reason why I'm doing this?!

I've decided my Triangle/Trikanasana is shocking. I need help. I got some pointers the other week which I've been trying to put into practice but still I feel I'm in the wrong place. I'm paranoid about my bent knee over shooting my toes and causing an injury. My legs are always too wide apart too as I find this way it's easier to get my thigh parallel to the floor. I've been pulled up on this a few times now. In the mirror I look so gumpy, I have long thigh's, even when I'm down there I don't look neat and tidy, it's legs all over the place. Now I have my hands in the right spot it's easier. I had some adjustments on the twisting back and getting my straight leg hip forward. This felt right, it felt good but I couldn't seem to repeat it on the other side. There is so much going on in this posture. It works every muscle, bone, ligament and organ. You're heart is pounding. You're hips are opening. Everything working together. It's not easy but it's what's called The Master Posture.' At least I have six months to work on this and it does need some work!

Trikanasana as its should look on a Perth beach. Courtesy of BYJ.

The rest of the class ran smoothly. We were treated to an icy blast of cool air during Standing Head separate head to knee. The room was hot but not dripping in humidity. It was very manageable and I wasn't crying out for a drink at any point. Maybe my mind was just on the job today. 

I was pushed hard again in Cobra. Last Saturday I was doing 'damage control' where I don't go into the full expression straight away, I come up slowly as I know we will be there a while. My mat buddy was doing the same and we were called out to go higher. Same today, except I had to go up more and Peta need to come down. I found this quite amusing. I was going to go up more but was just waiting till the last possible moment. So bad I know. 

On a final note, after sharing with everyone the brand of nut spread I get I now can not find it anywhere. Perth has run out of nut spread. Three Woolworths I have tried and no spread. Time to get Thermomixing my own, which is better I suppose instead of being lazy and buying shop made.

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